New Products From @JennaRoseSimon & @LillyKetchman1 To Support @ProjectHeal via @stacyamiller85

Artist and actress Jenna Rose Simon along with Lilly and Stacey Ketchman (Dance Moms) have collaborated in order to raise awareness of eating disorders by making available uniquely designed products by Jenna in order to support Project Heal.

Jenna and Stacey took the time from their schedules to talk with The Nerdy Girl Express about Project Heal’s mission.  Jenna also discusses her design for the new cell phone cover.  Read below to learn more.

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Interview With Actress, Artist and Author @JennaRoseSimon via @tdmiller820917

Jenna Rose Simon is a talented actress and artist. Her art, in particular, has commanded much deserved accolades and recognition for its beauty and for bringing awareness to the issue of emotional and verbal abuse. For the silent survivors of various forms of abuse, Simon has become a compassionate voice of empowerment throughout social media.
Simon recently released a new book “Unbroken: An Art Book: My Journey So Far, Plus 20 Feel Good Drawing Activities.”

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@JennaRoseSimon Stars In The Art of Confession via @tdmiller820917 #IamEmpowered

Jenna Rose Simon continues to make a profound mark in fostering awareness and opening the dialogue regarding the various forms of abuse. This issue is prevalent and impacts our societal fabric. Even if we feel uncomfortable in approaching this subject, silence should never be the answer. Through her phenomenal art, Jenna Rose Simon speaks courageously, powerfully and passionately.
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Interview: Actress and Artist JennaRoseSimon via @stacyamiller85 @JennaRoseSimon

I am fascinated with Jenna Rose Simon.  The more I have learn about her, the honor I feel with having had the opportunity to interview her for The Nerdy Girl Express. She is a young actress who has done film, television and voice over work.  But what I find extra special about Jenna is that she is an extremely talented artist.  Her work is breathtaking. Jenna is using her talent to support The Mayimba Project to help raise awareness for domestic violence. How can anyone not admire that? Art often serves a calming and healing purpose.  Read below for my interview with Jenna Rose Simon.

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