@JennaRoseSimon Stars In The Art of Confession via @tdmiller820917 #IamEmpowered

Jenna Rose Simon continues to make a profound mark in fostering awareness and opening the dialogue regarding the various forms of abuse. This issue is prevalent and impacts our societal fabric. Even if we feel uncomfortable in approaching this subject, silence should never be the answer. Through her phenomenal art, Jenna Rose Simon speaks courageously, powerfully and passionately.

Jenna Rose Simon is also a gifted actress with a resume boasting many roles.

Her upcoming film, The Art of Confession, tells the story of a young woman who must wrestle with her desire to pursue her dreams or the risk of death.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, there will be a screening of The Art of Confession on September 8th, 2pm at the Action On Film Festival. Come to the screening. You will get to meet Jenna Rose Simon!

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