Interview: Actress and Artist JennaRoseSimon via @stacyamiller85 @JennaRoseSimon

I am fascinated with Jenna Rose Simon.  The more I have learn about her, the honor I feel with having had the opportunity to interview her for The Nerdy Girl Express. She is a young actress who has done film, television and voice over work.  But what I find extra special about Jenna is that she is an extremely talented artist.  Her work is breathtaking. Jenna is using her talent to support The Mayimba Project to help raise awareness for domestic violence. How can anyone not admire that? Art often serves a calming and healing purpose.  Read below for my interview with Jenna Rose Simon.

How has being an actress helped to inspire your work as an artist?


“I feel that acting has given me a work ethic that is extremely necessary for art. It takes time and dedication, and every piece requires energy. Additionally, I’ve always loved acting because it is a way to inspire others.  Many of my great inspirations are actors.  When I realized I could inspire through art and the messages one can convey in a drawing, I just wanted to do it all the time!”

How challenging is doing voice over work as someone who has performed in front of the camera?

“So many people say voice over work is more challenging because all you have is your voice to convey all the emotion, but I personally love it. I find it less challenging then on camera work, and I think it’s because I feel a little less pressure when I’m not on camera. I have the most experience with voice over as well, so I’m comfortable in the studio now.”

When did you first realize that you had an interest in art?

“When I was little, I used to draw on napkins at restaurants with my dad. He was artistic to an extent, but he never loved it like I did. My art teachers in elementary school told my that I excelled in art, and that I should take classes and keep learning.”

How is Jenna the actress different from Jenna the artist?

“Jenna the actress is more bold and strong. When I’m playing a role, I’m always diving into everything full force, and carrying myself with strength and charisma (at least I try to!). Jenna the artist is a little more vulnerable. She has a message to convey, and she really just wants to help others through her own experiences.”

Are there any artists that inspire you?

“They’re all on Instagram! @Colour_me_creative is amazing and has a book out. And @theartofdreams mostly draws celebrities, but her style is so realistic that it makes me strive to develop my craft. I’m always like, ‘Woah, that’s a drawing?!'”

What would be your dream role as an actress?

“I want to play someone with dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder.). I know that is oddly specific, but I once saw an episode of Law and Order SVU where the guest star seemed to have it, and at the end, you realize she was pretending she had it the whole time.  With a degree in psychology, I’ve always found the complexity of the trauma that creates this disorder interesting, and as an actress, playing a role like this would require you to play multiple different roles within that role. It would be such a challenge, but I feel I would learn so much from it.”

 In what ways do you feel that your art has raised awareness of mental abuse/domestic violence?

“My one drawing of the parent screaming at the child kind of went “viral” accidentally after a few celebrities shared it, one being Raven Symone from The View. It has raised awareness in less obvious ways by the comments and direct messages I get on Instagram and Facebook. People are always telling me that the artwork gives them a voice, or makes them feel less alone in their struggle, so to me, that shows that it has raised awareness, not only that the issue exists, but that nobody is alone in the struggle they are enduring.”

Do you see yourself as a role model for young actresses and/or artists?

“I think I see myself more as a role model for young girls in general, mostly due to my art. I do have girls message me asking how to find an agent, or how to “do the voice over for littlest pet shop” like I did (kids love that show and the toys these days!) however, I get more messages about how kids wish they could draw like me, or asking what kind of pencils I use, or even on occasion saying they wish they could “speak up” about their situations the way I have. That last one makes me feel as though I can try to guide them in the right direction.”

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