Start the Apocalypse, #Damien has been Cancelled. But can we #SaveDamien? @Netflix via @quietlikeastorm

It is with a heavy heart that NGE has learned that the dark thriller Damien has been cancelled after only one season.

Even though the ratings had been low, I had hoped that with the great fan support, the creative genius of Glen Mazzara along with his other writers and the brilliant performances of Bradley James, Barbara Hershey, Omid Abtahi, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and David Meunier, that A&E would take a leap of faith and keep Damien around for at least one more season. Sadly the backing just wasn’t there.

The news was broke by show runner Mazzara yesterday on his Twitter.

But could that really be it for Damien or is it possible for the beast to rise again?

I am hoping that the season will be released on DVD and also on Netflix so that even more people can enjoy this amazing show. It also started me thinking. Now I have no idea if it is possible or even feasible, but what if Damien could find a new home?

Netflix has been known to allow their original programming to be far more edgier than anything you would see on regular television. It has also been known to pick up other cancelled shows and continue them. Could Damien be the next show they pick up?

It would be a great fit allowing Mazzara and his writers more freedom to write the story they want without television restrictions. Damien has always been almost too much for regular viewing and also never shied away from dark, taboo topics.

This would also allow for everyone to binge the season as it all comes out at the same time. The biggest complaint I heard about Damien is that it took people a few episodes to really get into. On Netflix this problem would be eliminated as the entire season would be watchable from the start.

If you could handle that much scary.

What I propose is that all of us Beasties and Hellions come together, as we did before asking A&E to renew Damien and now ask Netflix to pick the show up.

All we can do is try and if we don’t the answer will always be no. So make sure to tweet at @Netflix and ask them to #SaveDamien. Do this every day if you can and like and RT others as well. Maybe if we show Netflix the amazing fan love behind this show,  we can make sure the story is continued.

It’s all for you, Damien!

6 thoughts on “Start the Apocalypse, #Damien has been Cancelled. But can we #SaveDamien? @Netflix via @quietlikeastorm

      1. Hopefully Netflix will pick it up-make sure to contact them and ask them to. The more people that do, the more likely it’s possible


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