#Riverdale Reactions Chapter 6 from @kleffnotes

There was a hunt for Polly, a musical showdown, and an unexpected kiss in the most recent episode of Riverdale and I give my thoughts on the new reveals.

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2 thoughts on “#Riverdale Reactions Chapter 6 from @kleffnotes

  1. I’m super disappointed with the Jughead/Betty kiss too. Hoping that the writers will turn this into him discovering that he’s ace as I think that would be realistic of a high schooler. I mean I wish it had been there from the start, but as that’s not the case I’m hoping with so many people wanting him to be like his comic counterpart, they’ll now shape the story that way.


    1. That’s what I’m hoping happens. I mean the kiss doesn’t need to mean he can’t be ace. My hope is in season two that they will work on transitioning his character to be more like his comic book counterpart.

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