@Killjoys Recap: Meet the Parents from @kleffnotes

We open in the ever depressing Old Town with some creepy men selling gear to the Killjoys. Turns out this deal isn’t actually a sweet trade, but a warrant. Johnny is out on an escort mission with Pawter and Dutch has promised not to bother him. She and D’Avin are going to stop by the bar before they go because he wants to see Sabine, the new bartender. Pawter and Johnny are visiting her family and we get to meet her sister, who seems charming in a scathing insults in a chipper voice sort of way. Her fiance is just as charming. She also gets to see her dad in real life instead of just in hologram form. They seem to really love each other.

D’Avin is flirting with Sabine and she asks him to bring her peaches and the two start talking about their family life. Sabine asks about his family, but suddenly D’Avin hears a tune and passes out. Khlyen and Fancy are on their ship and the only one doing any humming is him. He’s linked with D’Avin so that he can figure where they need to go to see the Jacobi family. Pawter and her father wind up delving into family politics and she wants to take her place as the rightful heir. Johnny is skinny dipping in her pool, oh it’s a baptismal font, and he needs to get ready for a big Qreshi dinner. While mentioning his dad, we suddenly wind up at D’Avin and Johnny’s father’s place. Khlyen wants to have a talk with him. D’Avin is working out and when Dutch asks him how it went with Sabine he mentions his head getting weird and passing out. She’s worried he might go crazy and when he starts humming the tune she turns around super quickly with a gun and says only Khlyen knows that song. He specifically wrote it for her. Khylen is asking about D’Avin and he moves from questioning to just injecting the elder Jacobi with green goo. At the Qreshi dinner Johnny is trying to remember all the crazy rules and it is totally not going well. He can’t remember any of it, but that gong would throw me off too. Pawter’s mother arrives and we learn that because of the home honor Pawter must sit last, even though Johnny isn’t a Qreshi. After a tiny bit of small talk, Pawter’s father tries to bring up Old Town and her mother says no before anything is said. She tells her she can finish her dinner and then she should leave. Pawter leaves the table and Johnny follows, even though the fiance says that there is a leaving ritual. Pawter is upset and after taking her hair down insists upon going back in. Johnny says they should leave, but she says that they came for Old Town and she needs to stay. Castor, the family porter, left to prepare the boats for her sister and he comes back looking very odd. Then he mentions the fog and shatters into chunks of ice on the floor.

pawter dinner

Pawter’s sister is appropriately upset, but her mother insists on collecting the samples. Johnny says that they need to prepare their escape based on the reference to the fog. He thinks it might be a bio attack and is going to put out a distress call, but he needs Pawter to figure out what the agent is. While her mother insists on working on it, she comes into her lab and gives her mother advice. Her mother doesn’t care that her daughter is a doctor and says that her job was to become their decision maker. The pathogen scan shows the results and Pawter says that they aren’t right. On Lucy D’Avin and Dutch are trying to figure out what happened. Dutch thinks that it might be like the mind link. As he’s prepping the prisoners D’Avin hears Khlyen’s voice and then things get freaky, like Freaky Friday freaky. When trying to get into Khlyen’s head D’Avin managed to perform a body swap. Dutch notices right away, but she’s going to have to help him because D’Avin’s body has been hurt with Khlyen inside. The fog on Qresh is spreading and when Pawter’s sister runs to the boathouse to help their people she gets exposed to the fog. Her hand is frozen and it begins moving up her arm. Pawter does the only thing she can in the moment and slices off her sister’s hand. Yeah, shock definitely ensues.

pawter fog

D’Avin inside Khlyen’s body attempts to pass with Fancy, but he totally notices. They duke it out and even without Khlyen inside the body D’Avin is super strong. He tries to get his father up and away, but he’s totally out of it. Pawter’s father is talking to Johnny and tells him that he was once a carpenter and that he met Pawter’s mother when his family was building her family’s house. Her family didn’t want them together, but she fought them. He insists that he loves both women equally, but Johnny thinks that he’s a jerk for kicking her out. Johnny also figures out that the fog is being kept inside the area by a shield and to get rid of it he needs to get rid of the shield. Khlyen in D’Avin’s body is refusing treatment because he is trying to send Fancy a message because he needs to ensure that nothing happens with The Black Root, who report to him. Dutch insists on fixing D’Avin’s body and Lucy also gets very sassy. Johnny enters Pawter’s mother’s lab and asks her about the Alpha Shield. When he gets close to her she tells him not to touch her and it turns out she’s infected herself to try and find a cure. She actually created the pathogen, but she didn’t release it. Someone has stolen it from her and released it as a message. Johnny did all the mass and he is planning to destroy the power source of the shield, but it won’t work. She created this for Qresh and her attempt to stop the Nine Families was to freeze land and water to make the planet unlivable. Pawter wants to help her, but her mother says she will die and that she is linked to the bioscan. It will show her what happens when people die. Then she freezes before Pawter’s eyes as Johnny stops the bomb.

Davin and dutch

Still on Qresh Johnny tells Pawter she should be with her family, but she says that she needs to fix this. Khlyen is not enjoying being in a feeling human body and after a series of very painful staples he is no longer enjoying the novelty of pain. Dutch wants an explanation and he says that he thought he knew what was happening, but that D’Avin changed everything. He then starts to collapse, Lucy says his body is going critical. The mind link is killing D’Avin, which means they need to swap back. Khylen has no idea how to do it though. Back in the Jacobi home, D’Avin is trying to help his father and tells him to go hide in a cave. He knows it’ll be safe there, but Fancy wakes up and knocks him out. On Qresh Pawter realizes it’s a mutation of multiple pathogens and tells her father that Johnny has a plan. Dutch is calling Johnny for help and he thinks that a charge might help, it’d have to be a very big charge. He asks her how much charge he’d need to blow up a main gas line and even though the two want to help each other in person they will have to make do with tech support. The only way to blow up the gas mains is for Johnny to go out in the fog. Pawter insists that he can’t go because he won’t be safe, but her sister says diving suit. When he gets to the gas mains we find out what happened to Hank, the fiance. The jerk hijacked a suit and is definitely behind this whole thing. He wanted to kill the Simms family and is willing to let Johnny live if he doesn’t stop the plan.


Pawter and her sister are grieving their mother together, but their father is worried about Johnny and insists he needs to go. Pawter will have to take over the family. Her father comes to Johnny’s aid and he takes the bomb and says that he is dying anyway. He will shoot the bomb so that it blows up, which will save his family. Dutch is shocking D’Avin’s body to try and force the shift, but it isn’t working. Khlyen asks her to say her last words and she tells him that she has changed. Then he notices something. He asks Lucy to show him D’Avin’s neuro map and whatever happened to him in the military changed his brain. He tells Dutch that she will get her answers from his encrypted transmission and also tells her that she wasn’t the girl on Arkyn. Pawter’s father saved the family and Johnny and Dutch saved D’Avin and Khlyen. On the ship with Fancy, Khlyen explains that D’Avin was altered by the military and that they need to figure out how to replicate it. Pawter is taking her place as her family’s representative within the Nine Families on Qresh. Johnny came to her coronation and he says that while he might look like he’s just doing this for her, but he wants to care about what happens to Old Town and to the people in his life. Pawter and Johnny kiss, but he has to leave her. On Lucy he asks D’Avin all about their dad and what it was like being Khlyen. Dutch has a new warrant for them and as D’Avin gears up she and Johnny hug. She initiates it and it is super intense. Dutch tells him that she’s glad that even if she’s changing that their relationship hasn’t. She then says that if anything did change that he’d tell her, which he says he totally would. That is until she leaves and he looks very upset. Poor Johnny, he wants to be with Pawter, which would mean he won’t be a Killjoy anymore.

davin and dutch electro

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