@dark_matterTV Recap: We Voted Not To Space You from @kleffnotes

Android is off on her own at a bar, she’s acting like an actual human. She even has a drink and goes to talk to a man named Danny Bones. He seems to be itching for a fight and she takes down all of his goons and then the man himself in a matter of minutes. The bartender pulls a big gun on her, but she has her own weapon. Well, my goodness that got off to a very unexpected start. 

We then jump back 24 hours, which isn’t the first time we’ve time warped with the crew of the Raza. The crew is talking about whether they should have Six on board and while Three isn’t okay with the idea, he lost the vote. Six gets to stay, which is very good for his health. Two wants him to help them figure out what happened to One. She says that they need to fight for each other or what are they fighting for. Six says that if he can get to an isolated outpost he can hack into the GA system. Three is not okay with this plan, but Two thinks it’s their best option. Android comes in and says that she could get into an outpost, she’d just have to get arrested. She can use the tech to make herself pass as human and she doesn’t think the effects will be permanent. The human Raza crew members aren’t the only one who want to get justice for One. Everyone is wowed by Android’s human transformation and she says she’s got this. Three, who is a bit of a stick in the mud this episode, is not entirely cool with everything. Android does her best to get arrested, but doesn’t really know what’s going on. She opens a restricted door, but the cop says he’ll just give her a ticket. Then she starts messing with the officer, who now at least seems annoyed enough to take her in. Four is watching the news to try and figure out what is going on with politics and the corporations, which might have something to do with the death of One. Android is being held in the GA office and makes sure she can hack into the computer there. It involves chugging some coffee and getting a cop to go get her one. He was a bit faster than she expected and flirts with him a little to get him to get her fresh coffee. With this upgrade Android is very sneaky indeed. Five now has access to the computer system and Android has been let out pending a trial. One’s investigation has been suspended, but the only suspect is the actual Jace Corso.

android leaving

Nyx is asking about Corso and Two thinks that he was hired to take out One. Five thinks they can find someone who can help them find Corso, Devon happens to know some guys. This doctor seemed much less devious before he got on board the Raza. He starts having a flashback and it looks like he had a patient die on the table, which I think pushed him to do drugs. I’m not sure what drug he’s taking, but it has to be some serious stuff based on his reactions to it. Android is still enjoying her human change and she’s in Four’s training area. She is noticing a change in her state of mind and Four asks if she wants to go out again. We’re back at the bar for a quick fight recap, seriously very sweet moves on Android’s part. They have Bones on the Raza and Two starts interrogating him. She threatens to space him unless he tells them where Corso is. The plan is to kill him. Then enters a werewolf, okay I kid, but at the GA station Android was at higher level officials arrive because the hack was noticed. This high level official happens to be played by a Lost Girl Alum, Kris Holden-Ried. Hmm, we have a doctor and a werewolf, anyone seen a succubus? Corso is in hiding because he thinks a hit has been called out on him and while this might not be a hit, hiding is probably his best bet. Nyx wants to come with the rest of the crew and her weapon knowledge is a bit of a turn on for Three. Five is checking on Six and she knows that they are in danger, she wants to stop running. At Corso’s hide out they notice that it’s heated, which totally means he’s there.

wolf dark matter

We see him hiding in a corner with a scope rifle, but before he can get a shot off Nyx puts an arm on Two. Devon asks Android if she’s going to keep her new look, she doesn’t answer yes or no, but this human Android is very fun. She notices that a GA ship has entered the planet’s orbit, but Android says that she needs to take them down to hide the ship. The crew that went down to deal with Corso is in a fire fight, but the ship is facing issues. Android has to land it, but it is a very bumpy landing. She then shuts down all she can to keep them hidden from the GA ship in orbit. Corso has locked himself into a bunker, Nyx says that she knows how to get into this particular model. He’s doing some emergency triage on himself, but he is not doing great. Six doesn’t know how the GA found them, even though Devon doesn’t seem to believe him. They have to warn the crew and Six says he’ll walk to them, he just needs meds for the pain. Four is cutting through Corso’s bunker and Nyx starts tearing into the circuitry. The GA are there and ready to arrest everyone and to make matters worse Corso managed to sneak out through an emergency hatch. Six is walking to the others, but he isn’t alone. Five and Devon came with him, which is probably for the best. The GA found Corso’s escape hatch and the crew of the Raza have already gone down it. Two manages to cut him off and kicks him to the ground. There really is an emergency protocol and before Two can get anyone on the coms the base starts blowing up.

hostage dark matter


Six tells Five and Devon that they need to move faster after hearing the explosion. The GA faced the brunt of the blast, but Corso and Two are trapped. She insists he dig them out, even though he says that he knows she’ll kill him anyway. Three and Nyx are together, but Four is alone and trapped under a pile of rubble. He’s without his gun and the GA is coming. Four is trying to get out, but the GA agent says that when his men get there that they’ll dig him out. Even though the officer wants to know everyone who is down there Four says nothing. Corso doesn’t understand why they came after him, he thinks One was weak. Two says that he was part of her crew and he killed him, which is a convincing argument to me. He then says that she needs him to get out. Three asks Nyx how she knew the tunnels were collapsing and while she says she heard the support beams cracking, he doesn’t believe her. The GA officer is chatting with Four and while he thinks that the corporations are corrupt, Four laughs and says everyone is serving the corporations, which makes them all corrupt. Corso insists on taking a break and keeps asking Two questions. He says he doesn’t understand why her behavior has changed, why she would care about One. Corso sees that as a weakness and tells her that soon the galaxy will see what he sees, that she’s finished. Nyx and Three are still trying to navigate the tunnels, but they keep crumbling. Corso tells Two that the cave must be weakened and that everything is coming down.


Four tells the GA officer that he gives his word that he will help him get out before they are crushed, but before they can leave the rest of the GA digs a hole in. Corso has made a way out too, but before Two can shoot him he says that he can tell her who hired him. Only catch is that she has to keep him alive. Two doesn’t care and shoots him in the head because he pulled the trigger that killed One. Nyx and Three found a door out, but it’s locked. He tells her to shoot her way out. Outside the tunnels Six is about to collapse, but Five says it’s alright because she sees the rest of the Raza crew. The GA has Four, but everyone draws on them. They want Four released, even though the head GA officer says he wants them to face trial, Two and Three insist that the companies will have them killed before they’d get there. Then Android swoops in with the Raza, which definitely beats a team of GA officers in a fight. She says that the GA is closing in, but they take off as fast as they can. Six asks Two if it was worth it and she says that she doesn’t regret killing Corso. She then tells Six that Corso insisted that someone else hired him to take out One. Three is still not okay with Six being on the ship, but Devon tells him that he risked his life to help the rest of the crew. Android is on the bridge and is reporting to Two about changes to the ship. Hologram Android appears and tells human Android that she made a mistake while landing. Then she says that her programming has been flawed for some time and thinks she is a danger to the ship and crew. I really like this new Android, I loved regular Android, but this upgraded Android is just so cool.

on the move dark matter

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