The Last Session Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Mad Cave Studios gave me an early look at a comic that was once I saw the breakdown of I knew it was right up my alley. The Last Session is a short graphic novel focused on a group of friends who have played a game called Dice & Deathtraps since high school. Much like Dungeons & Dragons this roleplaying game has been something they could enjoy, but as they near college graduation they decide to finish their first ever campaign that had remained unfinished.

Jay, Lana, Drew, Walter, and Shen have been friends and party members since high school, but before they graduate college and when they get together to play their unfinished campaign Jay brings their partner Cassandra and she becomes part of their party as a new player. Lana is immediately afraid that they won’t be able to finish their quest, but is this fear really about or is it something a bit more tied to what is going on outside of the game?

I immediately loved this comic! Our main characters meet at the GSA, which just had my heart from the moment I started reading. We then see them shift into playing this version of D&D and then the transition is made to four years later. Not only do we get to see the characters, but when we meet them we also get their pronouns and again my heart was so very happy. Once their game night starts we see the characters everyone plays take over and we switch between real life and the campaign. I appreciate that each section of the story also gives us a bit more focus on each member of the party. If you love The Guild, Critical Role, or a fan of D&D you definitely need to pre-order The Last Session.

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