In the Land of Dead Horses Book Review from @kleffnotes

I will admittedly admit I am a bit behind. I received some review books either in the main or digitally and they came during periods of extreme scheduling. I know that isn’t really an excuse, but I genuinely have been so busy with work and just getting things done around that house that it becomes difficult to get content out. I am finally at a point where I can start getting through that pile. In the Land of Dead Horses came out in September, but it is something that could fit perfectly before Halloween.

This book is a prequel to the 2011 acclaimed Sour Lake, in this story we will follow the life-and-death battle between an ancient god of darkness and a posse of paladins that have been assembled by Texas Ranger Jewel T. Lightfoot. Set against the backdrop of the U.S./Mexico border our team of three men led by Lightfoot will face off against a German spy, religious extremists, and a malicious power resurrected in the depths of the desert. Beyond our lead character, Ernesto Zavala and his grandson Antonio are respectively a silver miner and a firebrand working to free Mexico from the corrupt power of the current president. The desert will not help these men as they continue their journey and when the force of the god they must fight appears to be stronger than they ever expected it become very likely that they might not all make it home alive.

Bruce McCandless has done a great job of bringing together a diverse group of remarkable characters. These men are able to set aside their differences in order to battle the evil forces that come upon them. The focus of the author was to create a story that like many epic heroes journeys before it showcases the work that can be done and the good that is achieved when your own personal desires are set aside. This is a a jampacked read with a lot of action. If you are a fan of westerns and the fantastical this is definitely a read for you. You can get your copy of In the Land of Dead Horses today.

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