Trials of Adaline Turner Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you love a good rom-com? Then you definitely need to read this review. Trials of Adeline Turner is the latest book by author Angela Terry, who you might recognize as the author of Charming Falls Apart. This new book focuses on Adeline Turner and her journey through life’s twists and turns when things become suddenly more complicated.

The set up of the story is that Adeline Turner has built everything in her adult life around the idea of stability. While her professional life is thriving her personal life barely exists. She does want more, but if she just focuses on work her dreams are sort of pushed out of her mind. When a new client suddenly leads her to have a chance encounter with her high school crush her desires change. While previously a nose-to-the-grindstone worker she winds up across the country and in San Francisco, hours away from her stable life in Chicago, and finds herself experiencing messy romantic situations and delving into a mysterious office-sabotage plot before it could possibly ruin her career. Without her safety net of her day to day life, Adeline will have to become her own advocate and look beyond what people seem as she tries to figure out if her future may involve finding truths in her past.

I am a bit new to the world of rom-com reads. That has nothing to do with the genre, but growing up I was more of a mystery reader and have recently found my interests expanding. Adeline is a character whose description in just the book jacket intrigued me. I have also lived the way she has with my focus solely on work or on like hobbies that felt a bit like work and not on anything else. That changed for me when I met my person and that journey for Adeline made me excited to read how her life suddenly changed. There are definitely plenty of twists in this read and it is not a read that you can just breeze through. You will need to pay attention to pick up on some of the elements, but you will want to be invested because Adeline’s journey is one that is so relatable. You can pick up your copy of the Trials of Adeline Turner today.

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