I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog Book Review from @kleffnotes

Susan Hartzler at the age of 60 has learned to love the single life, even embrace it to the fullest. Just so long as she has good friends and a dog or two at her side. I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog shares personal stories from Hartzler showcasing learning to care for yourself first as you contend with the ups and downs of romantic love.

Hartzler had always been drawn to bad boys and was always sure that when she met “the one” she could help to change them into a devoted partner and father. While she is compulsive in her desire to give and fix others behaviors have led to some pretty disastrous relationship moments. She actively went to the pound in the hopes of finding a dog that would sniff out the bad guys and give her a sense of purpose. This has evolved over time into a life that has Hartzler training her own dogs, who are actors and models, while also volunteering as part of Therapy Dogs International.

Hartzler has such an open heart and she leaves that all on the page for readers. As she goes through her own life she welcomes you in to understand what it has been like for her and how her love for dogs has brought her through some hard times. For dog lovers, whether you are single or not, this story is the perfect epitome of the idea that all you need is a dog. You can get your copy of I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog today.

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