Savant Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

You may have noticed I have not been super present on The Nerdy Girl Express and that admittedly is because it has been exceptionally busy around here. You would not believe how much time two puppies, plus two dogs and two cats, take up. That doesn’t even include working my very busy day job and trying to spend time with my wife. This does mean that I am often lucky to even get one or two articles up in a month. That is definitely much different than what used to be my 5 days a week posting. Back to the matter at hand though, I have a belated review that I admittedly am entirely at fault for the delay on. I somehow wrote that Savant was releasing in April, when in fact this graphic novel returned to shelves in March of 2022.

Jim Alexander, Fin Cramb, and Jim Campbell are the minds behind this groundbreaking sci-fi read. Initially published in 2013, the book was picked up by Dark Horse and appeared as part of Dark Horse Presents. The story was never fully released, until now. Savant has returned to the original creators and they are able to release the full 52 page stand-alone graphic novel. The story introduces Lode from the planet Savant. She has gone for a walkabout around the universe and is looking to find warzones. This may sound dark, but she is choosing to chronicle the lives of the dying. When she arrives on Hubris, a world ripped apart by war, she is recruited and asked to help hunt down a war criminal. This will lead her to the brink, the End of Days.

I love a sci-fi comic and I was so appreciative that Jim Alexander reached out to ask me to cover this. Anything he has contacted me for has never let me down. His projects are always so well written and I appreciate the way he and his team, in this case Cramb and Campbell, are able to create inventive stories. Lode as the lead is a great character and while her mission may seem depressing what it leads to is definitely a page turner. I also love her character design and honestly kept wondering how she would look translated to the screen. This is definitely a read that anyone who loves sci-fi I think would enjoy. You can get your copy of Savant today.

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