Dorian Gray Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

The story of Dorian Gray is a classic that has been reworked and rewritten in a variety of mediums, but this adaptation does more than any other version I have experienced. This graphic novel by Darren G. Davis and Scott Davis takes the Victorian Lothario and brings his story into the modern age. It also blends in supernatural and demonic elements unlike anything I’ve seen before. Continue reading “Dorian Gray Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes”

Cheshire Crossing Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

New York Times Bestselling author of The Martian and Artemis Andy Weir has written a thrilling graphic novel with the fantastic illustrations of Sarah Andersen focused on three famous fictional female characters. Cheshire Crossing brings together Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy, who after returning from their respective adventures in Oz, Wonderland, and Neverland, have been brought to Cheshire Crossing. This boarding school is designed to help these girls harness their magic and world-crossing powers, but these three are tired of authority figures and decide to go on adventures together, which lead to some unexpected consequences. Continue reading “Cheshire Crossing Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes”