To L and Back: The End of an Era from @kleffnotes

It is the end of an era folks, To L and Back the podcast focused on recapping all of The L Word has finally made it to the final episode of the original series. Now there is some bonus content planned, but the major goal of completing the full series recap has happened. I may not be a huge L Word Fan, but I have loved this podcast and wanted to highlight it today.

I started listening to this podcast a bit after it had actually started and caught up very quickly. I then eagerly listened weekly and then when when the show made it to season six roughly every other week. I have discussed the podcast before and if you didn’t see that article here is a quick overview. Riese Bernard and Carly Usdin are the primary hosts and throughout the series they have had numerous great guests. Bernard and Usdin have a great dynamic and have their own connections to The L Word, including the fact that they watched much of the series together originally. They are able to be critical of the series, while still having some element of love for the series.

As someone who has only seen The L Word really one time and on Netflix, this means the music for me was different than folks who used the DVDs or watched it during the first airing, I don’t have a super strong connection to the series. I remember watching it because people kept saying I totally needed to a as a queer woman, but I just hadn’t ever made the time. The podcast though has given me so much insight into characters and how this truly was a show of the time it was made. There are elements that are critiqued that show how the series was not as evolved as I, a later watcher, would have hoped. This is primarily true in the case of Max, whose trans identity leads him to be basically written out of the show and used as a punchline very frequently. Bernard and Usdin discuss this topic in detail and also comment on inclusion in casting and how diversity in the show was not handled particularly well. Now Generation Q’s first season is also covered and some of these elements are handled better, but still there are like no butch folks even in the present day.

I enjoyed being able to hear queer folks talk about queer media with a tremendous amount of detail and will miss the series not being there every week/every other week once we neared the end. I can always go back and listen again, which is probably what I will do, but it was so fun hearing it for the first time. You can find To L and Back wherever you listen to podcasts and hopefully you will be able to hear new episodes when the second season of Generation Q releases.

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