The Ladylorians Show is Like Chatting With Your Star Wars Loving Friends from @kleffnotes

Six friends from five different states are at the helm of The Ladylorians Show, which is both a podcast and a YouTube show. Much like previous Star Wars podcast content I have mentioned this podcast posts on YouTube and there are perks to watching the visuals, but they also have an audio version available wherever you listen to podcasts. Shot in a Zoom call format a varying collection of the core six appear to discuss different aspects of the Star Wars franchise.

The Ladylorians Show started with episodes focused on The Mandalorian, which makes complete sense with the name of the show. Once season two ended they shifted to discussing different topics that are tied to Star Wars. These are based on requests and have included video games, merchandise, and cosplay. They have also done some deep dives into specific characters, which included Obi-Wan and General Hux. Previously a weekly podcast, the Ladylorians have announced that they will be posting on a bi-weekly schedule, but you are in luck they just dropped a Star Wars Ship, relationships not like X-Wings, yesterday. I will admit I am holding off on watching their original Mandalorian episodes until I do my rewatch as part of The Massive Star Wars Marathon that my wife and I have dedicated ourselves too. We took a bit of a break, but will be back in the swing of things this weekend and should make it to The Mandalorian before too much longer.

I would recommend watching the episodes when you can. I have tried out the audio only and it works for some episodes, but for the merchandise one I decided to switch over to see what they were showing off and think that is the medium I will stick with going forward. With more voices it also helps me a bit to differentiate between who is talking, each voice may be different, but I am sometimes easily distracted when I listen to audio only. This podcast is so fun, especially when each of the Ladylorians gets excited about the topic they are covering. Since they are all friends it feels like you are hanging out with other people and while yes, you aren’t able to talk to them, you are experiencing their fandom love alongside them. If you are looking for a new and fun way to experience Star Wars this is definitely a podcast for you. I’m linking to their YouTube and you can also find out more about The Ladylorians on their Instagram.


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