Something New for Star Wars Fans from @kleffnotes

During our Massive Star Wars marathon, which is on a bit of a hiatus, I have been doing some digging into additional Star Wars content. For fans of the franchise a new podcast is out that you should look into, especially if you enjoy watching other fans share their love. Now yes, I did say podcast and watch, but there is a reason for that.

Rexin Around is a podcast that has both an audio and visual component and this format has been embraced by a new podcast that recently debuted on their channel, Kyber Sisters. You can either watch or listen, though in this particular case I think watching will be best because there are visual components, though the hosts do try and give solid descriptions of what they are showing. The hosts of the show do have a connection to the channel they have debuted on, beyond just also talking about Star Wars. Janay and JenMarie have both been on Rexin Around before and JenMarie might already be someone you know. She runs the Anakin and His Angel website, which is a long running Star Wars dedicated site. Both women have been working on bringing this podcast to life for some time and have had to be a bit hush hush until the release. JenMarie did tease she was working on something on an episode of Rexin Around, but did not share much more beyond that she was working on a podcast that would be debuting in 2021.

The very first episode of Kyber Sisters released on February 10th and the next episode will be on February 24th. The first episode is just a tiny bit over a half hour in length and like many first episodes of podcasts it acts as a way to introduce new viewers/listeners to the hosts. JenMarie and Janay very wisely decided to keep their Star Wars fandom origin stories a secret from each other until this episode filmed and we get to hear their first time reactions. I won’t spoil anything for those who are interested in checking this out, but they have very different ties to Star Wars. They also will be highlighting Star Wars fashion from a variety of brands and the first one they choose to show of is one I love already, @bound2beepic_ on Instagram. I purchased a custom gift and some Millennium Falcon themed merch from Vera, the person who runs the Etsy page, for Krista’s birthday and she loved them.

The next episode will focus on The Phantom Menace and while we don’t know the full details yet I am curious to hear their thoughts. I think this podcast will appeal to both casual and more intensive Star Wars fans alike and as someone who is trying to grow her knowledge of Star Wars this one feels like a great way for me to keep learning and engaging. You can find them on YouTube and also wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also find out more about JenMarie on her website.

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