Zachary Levi: Tribute & Poem for Broadway, TV & Film Star via @stacyamiller85 @ZacharyLevi #Chuck #Tangled #Shazam #SheLovesMe #TheMarvelousMrsMaisel

Zachary Levi is a multi-talented super star. His charismatic personality and powerful voice has mesmerized Broadway audiences for many years. He was nominated for a Tony Award for his work in “She Loves Me.”

Television fans have been captivated by Levi since he starred as Chuck Bartowski, the lovable computer nerd turned super spy in NBC’s Chuck. Levi’s Chuck was a mixture of old Hollywood Jimmy Stewart everyman sincerity and suave James Bond. The James Bond qualities were courtesy of The Intersect, a marvel of the CIA that made Chuck privy to sensitive government intelligence as well as endowed him with superior martial arts skills.
Chuck fans have mourned the show since its cancellation and have hoped for a tv movie. Levi has been vocal in interviews and on the convention circuit about his desire for a tv movie as well.
Animation fans discovered Levi through his memorable turn as thief and hero Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert in Tangled Tangled: The Series/ Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure. The movie and subsequent Disney series has garnered the actor/singer a legion of additional fans of all ages. Such is the mark of a gifted performer; Levi has breathed life into Flynn through the power of his voice.
In The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Zachary Levi was Miriam “Midge” Maisel’s ill-fated suitor, Dr. Benjamin Ettenberg.
As if tackling Broadway and TV series work weren’t enough, Levi has the chops to thrill in movie projects like Shades of Ray and Remember Sunday. Zachary Levi captures viewers with an intoxicating unstated sincerity. In addition, Levi is the superhero Shazam! a role that further cements him in audiences hearts.
In interviews and during convention appearances fans of Zachary Levi are aware of his struggles with mental health. He is an advocate and champion for mental health causes.
I introduced my twin sister Tracy to Tangled. She loves the show as much as I do. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, Zachary Levi’s work on these issues have personally touched her.
Tracy has written this poem for Zachary Levi as a thank you. Tracy is a poet and writer for The Nerdy Girl Express.
The Heart Cries, A Poem for Zachary Levi by Tracy Diane Miller
Why is the sound so faint?
A whisper, really.
So very hard to hear.
But if you really listen, it is strength you will hear, not fear.
The heart cries.
The heart cries.
The heart cries.
The heart cries because it cares.
I listen.
A whisper, really.
So very hard to hear.
I listen.
The heart cries.
I hear you.
The brain and the heart work in tandem.
I heard you.
That was what you said.
The heart cries because you care.
You worry, you despair.
You worry about people.
You worry about injustice.
You want people to have hope, to feel love.
You feel so deeply.
You feel so completely.
I hear you.
Do you know there are countless people who hear you?
Who hear your vulnerability.
Who hear your strength.
They are grateful for you.
They are grateful because you connect with them so truthfully, so completely.
Your heart cries because you care.
We are so grateful for you.
Thank you for allowing your heart to cry.
Because you care.
The talented creative team behind Tangled: The Series/Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure inspired me to pick up a sketchbook again (The first time since 1991). I never had art classes, only dabbled in drawing in the past.
Thank you Zachary Levi for your many contributions.
Photos taken from the internet. Credit given to the original sources
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