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I periodically try and find new podcasts to mix up what I’m listening too. While yes I love my standards, Lez Hang Out and Coming Out Pod are two in particular, but sometimes you need to search for something that will expand your listening horizons. At some point or another I had seen the three podcasts pictured above somewhere on social media and decided to give them a listen.

All three of these podcasts are hosted by women who identify somewhere within the LGBTQ+ spectrum of identities. I may be mixing up what I listen to, but at this point in my life I’ve decided that I want to actively focus on finding podcasts that are hosted by queer people and focus on queer experiences. Now if someone has a queer hosted true crime podcast that would be the dream. I am going to discuss the episodes in the order that I started listening to them, which I think also fits with the order of when these podcasts actually came out, which is really just a coincidence.

Bad Queers is hosted by Shana Sumer and Kris Chesson and focuses on the idea that once you came out of the closet you were put in a box about who you should be now. They begin with definitions of queer terms. Each week both hosts pick a new word or term and define it, which helps to give you a level of education that you might not have. They then move into news break downs that highlight politics, popular culture, and really anything and everything that might impact or be tied to the LGBTQ+ community. A recent episode focused on Pose and the Emmy’s. We then get an advice portion where listeners write in to ask whether something would make them a bad queer. The responses to these advice pieces typically say you aren’t a bad queer, but there have been a small number of bad queers. Kris and Shana give a variety of types of advice. They are always very honest and often very humorous in how they handle giving their advice. This typically means someone is doing something really not okay, like cheating on a partner. Kris and Shana also share their own bad queer opinions which can include anything from Crocs to softball. Then we get a final round up of positive things with shout outs of the week. Kris and Shana are able to discuss both humorous and serious topics in a way that makes you feel a part of the conversation. I have laughed out loud during portions of these episode and also found myself learning a lot. You can find Bad Queers wherever you listen to podcasts, but I’ve linked to Stitcher since that is my default podcast app.

My next podcast was sort of an unexpected listen. I had never heard of Cammie Scott and admittedly I don’t watch any queer YouTubers regularly. My YouTube watching is very sporadic and really just involves watching one YouTube my sister also watches because we chat about her videos and then food or travel related podcasts. When I heard about Uneducated the description is really what caught me. What Cammie Scott does is bring on a guest or guests for each episodes and the focus is on her trying to educate herself about something so that you can benefit from this journey. The first episode I listened to was not actually the first episode, but instead the fourth episode where Jade Fox was her guest. Again, I know nothing about lesbian YouTube or really any facets of the LGBTQ+ YouTube environment, but the title of the episode caught my eye. The two had a really great conversation and this was an episode that taught me a lot about a facet of queer media that I had no knowledge of. Her other episodes have been great too, the guests are so well versed in what they are discussing that it is truly like being in the room with an expert. Taylor Patrick breaks down topics tied to mental health and pushes Cammie to try working with a therapist. Jo Franco is able to share what it is like to exist as Black, female, immigrant as she travels the world which is eye opening. Kate Austin discusses her experiences with coming out when your family doesn’t support you, which is heartbreaking, but full of strength. There was also a recent episode with Jack and Amy from Dating Straight and though I have not dated in years and am very married it was still a fun listen because Cammie is close friends with both of them. You can also find Uneducated wherever you listen to podcasts, but I’ve linked to it on Stitcher.

Bedtime Thots is very new and only has two episodes at the time that I write this article. The first episode is an introduction to our hosts Juliette and Alyssa. They met in college and have been friends ever since. The story of how they met is the showcase of the brief first episode and involves possible death by pita. The second episode then moves into something they title Queerships. During the course of that episode they realize this topic will need more time and announce this will be a series that they will be working through. In this episode they focus on family and their coming out process with their families. This was a powerful conversation and Juliette and Alyssa were very open about their experiences. Having recently listened to the third episode, which spends an extended period on U-hauling, the podcast delves into even more ideas about how queer relationships are seen and accepted in a larger societal way. This one is a great deep dive into what it means to have ideas about relationships and the possibility of some bias in regards to masculine and feminine roles. Based on what I’ve heard so far I am really looking forward to more episodes and hearing more from both hosts. Again you can find them on most podcast platforms, but I have linked to Bedtime Thots on Stitcher.

If you have your own queer podcasts you’d like me to check out or that you are really into right now let me know.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog,, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel.

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