Queer Podcast Covering Queer Christmas Movies from @kleffnotes

This is again another round up article, which seems a bit appropriate for the end of the year. I wanted to shout out some of my favorite podcasts and wanted to link to recent coverage of queer holiday movies they’ve shared. I also want to note that in a previous round up article I forgot that I had actually published a write up on New York Christmas Wedding back in November. I have also linked that article and my December round up article below. You will find links and brief descriptions below of some podcasts you can check out that cover Happiest Season, Season of Love, and New York Christmas Wedding.

I thought I would share this list in alphabetical order since the coverage in these episodes is diverse as the focus of the podcasts varies. I have linked to the episodes in question for easy finding, though if you have a preferred podcast listening source you can always search there. These podcasts are all great and very definitely worth a listen, even after you check out these holiday related episodes.

Bad Queers: They did two episodes that both involved discussions of queer holiday movies. The first had a section focused on Happiest Season and the second is focused primarily on New York Christmas Wedding with a great interview. This is one of my weekly constants and it covers so many topics, both humorous and topical.

Coming Out with Lauren and Nicole: Now this podcast is typically based on having a guest on and the episode that covers Happiest Season is an interview with Season of Love actor Emily Goss. The episodes covers her story, but she takes part in a conversation near the end with Laruen and Nicole about the recent queer Christmas movie. The episode with Haviland Stillwell has a much longer discussion of the movie and has been included after realizing that I seemed to combine two episodes in my mind. 2020 has really done wonders to make my memory seemingly nonexistent.

Lez Hang Out: As part of their Lez-ssentials series Ellie and Leigh covered Happiest Season with special guest Youstina Anis. They gave a deep critical analysis of the film and showcased both positives and negatives with listeners. You can also hear more of Youstina on Coming Out Pod mentioned above this.

To L And Back: The full title of this does explain that it is a podcast focused on The L Word, but they did a special holiday special that covered Happiest Season. I wanted to share this one because it is something out of the norm for this podcast and the hosts are always fun to listen to.

You can find my thoughts on some of these movies on our site. I chatted New York Christmas Wedding in this article and have a roundup on my holiday LGBT movie review from this year linked as well.


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