Prepping for May from @kleffnotes

I know we are only about halfway through April, but I am already prepping for May. For those of you who might not know, May Fourth is a big Star Wars day and Krista and I are planning to celebrate. Now we have decided with work that the 3rd will work best for us so our big celebration day will be Monday of that week. To get ready for the week I am prepping some ideas and things to do.

My first plan is to try and do a DisneyBound or some sort of themed outfit from May 3rd through May 9th. I have some ideas for what outfits I might put together and bounds that I think could work. I haven’t delved into too much detail yet, but do definitely have some ideas. I also might bring some other bounds back and sort of rework them to add more detail or to swap a few things around. I am also definitely convincing Krista to do some outfits with me.

For the other key element of the week I definitely need to plan out more Star Wars food. We are still plugging along through our Star Wars marathon. We got delayed a few times, our lives are sometimes super busy and we took some time to catch up on a few shows. We do plan to do some serious Star Wars watching during that week though and I plan to write up a few things during that time. My hope is that we get through a lot during the month of May.

The last thing I hope to do during May is work on reading more of our Star Wars books and comics. We have so many and I just haven’t had the time to really sit down and read any. I would like to carve out a little bit of reading time so I can learn more about the universe. I particularly want to read the Galaxy’s Edge book and the Rogue One and Solo books we’ve purchased. Let me know what your plans for May the Fourth are!

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