Interview with Jessii Vee from @kleffnotes

Rounding out our interviews with the cast of Running With Violet, I had the chance to talk with Jessii Vee. The actor and YouTuber plays Frankee, the slightly witchy babysitter from Season One who has started to find new skills this season. She was one of my favorite characters in the first season and I was excited to see she was back for more one liners and epic levels of snark. I got to chat with her about this new season and what she’s up to outside of the series.

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I’m Jessii, I’m 25 years old, and I’m super passionate about making YouTube videos! I had no idea my life would go in the direction of social media influencing. Growing up I gravitated towards art & design. I attended a visual arts high school and I went to college for Advanced Graphic Design. I’m still able to incorporate all of those skills into my YouTube channel and I’m so grateful for the audience that I have.

Frankie is back in season two of Running With Violet, how has her life changed since Season One?

Frankie has definitely matured a little bit since Season One – I feel like this season is more about her finding herself. She recently discovered that she has psychic abilities so she’s experimenting with how to use them. It’s a skill that definitely comes in handy later on in the show.

With your character, did you make any changes to how you portrayed her between the two seasons?

So crazy to think that Season One was filmed almost three years ago! I was 22 years old when I first played Frankie so I think naturally as I’ve gotten older I’ve matured in a way, so it changed the way I portrayed her in season two. In Season One Frankie wore very dark makeup and had a sort of a rebellious attitude she carried with her. This season she’s a lot more “chill” and patient, she’s evolved as a character.

How did you become involved with Running With Violet?

I got an email from Rebecca and Marie-Claire in the summer of 2016.  We met at a coffee shop to discuss the character of Frankie.  The rest is history.

What elements of your own personality do you bring to Frankie?

Frankie is quirky and a bit awkward which reminds me a lot of myself.  She has a bit of a dark side to her which I can relate to in that I love all things creepy and scary.

What are some of your favorite on set moments?

There were so many fun times that we had on set but my favourite moments were the cool sets that I got to explore like the old jail in Season Two.

You also have a very prominent YouTube channel, could you tell me about what the focus of your channel is and the types of videos you release?

I am a storyteller so my channel is about my stories in my life.  I really wanted to share my experiences and lessons that I have learned with my young subscribers.  My channel has evolved over the years and I do more documentary styled videos and reporting on interesting subjects…. the weirder and creepier the better J

Are there any other projects that you can share at this time?

I am really proud of my “Everybody has a story” series as I have met many interesting people, many of which are my own family members, who have amazing stories to tell.  I would also love to share some of my subscribers’ stories.  I also am dedicated to advocate to my viewers about the devastating effects of Lyme disease as I have experienced it firsthand.  I like to talk about prevention and directions about what to do if you get bitten by a tick.  I have documented my journey with Lyme disease and my Vee Team has been an amazing support to me.

Beyond YouTube, where else can our readers keep up with you online?

I am on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.  I also do many virtual meet and greets which I advertise on my channel.  They have all been very successful and I love to meet my Subscribers any way I can.  I have also helped to start a movement online called YANA – You Are Not Alone on FB and Instagram for people who are feeling isolated and alone.  It is a platform for people to connect and support one another.

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