YouTube, but Make it Halloween from @kleffnotes

Some days I just sort of fall down a YouTube rabbit hole and when that happens I normally find new folks to watch or at least some new videos to check out. A lot of the YouTube I’ve been watching lately has been Halloween themed and whether that means the creator/creators specifically do Halloween videos or happen to be doing videos tied into Halloween since October is here varies, but I thought I would share some of the folks I’ve been watching recently in case you are looking for some new things to watch.

At some point in the late summer/early fall I finally figured out how to use Instagram, well sort of. I don’t really use it that much, but I figured out how to follow tags and wound up choosing #goth and #halloween as things I needed to see. Somehow during this Jade the Libra showed up on my feed. She had loads of Halloween videos for this year already and had some older videos. I started binging her channel and found that I really enjoyed not only her Halloween videos, but just sort of watching her show off aesthetic pieces and just sort of chatting. Her Halloween videos though are just so fun. She goes hunting for Halloween decor and then shows off her own purchases and how she decorated with them. I actually used her videos, and so did my wife, to track down pieces for our house. Even if you aren’t looking for anything specific this year see what she finds feels like you are doing some window shopping with a friend. Her channel also makes for great background when you are doing stuff around the house, especially cleaning or cooking because she has videos that are perfect motivation.

My next two channels are ones that I sort of sporadically watch and they are both very Star Wars-centric. I started watching these two with Krista, my Star Wars loving wife, and she still watches some of these videos with me. She is not as into vlog style content as I am sometimes, but I like to throw them on. Ordinary Adventures is run by Peter and Kitra, who we started watching when they did their early Galaxy’s Edge content. They now can’t do as many park videos currently because of the California shutdown, but they have done some fun Halloween videos and I am doing a dive right now to find all of their previous Halloween park content. They have been going to Knott’s Berry Farm a lot and the park is currently decorated for Halloween and it was so fun to look at. I really enjoy living vicariously through YouTubers who are off doing things that I can’t currently do or had never even thought about doing.

The other channel of the two is Always Believe, which I admittedly don’t watch as often. They have done some fun in the parks videos and I have checked out some of their at home content. My favorite though has been focused on Ash’s love of Halloween and I am very interested to see her Halloween village once it is done. She has very much decorated their place, with Bryan’s help I’m sure, and the hauls they have been really fun. I also really want to buy some of the things she had, but sadly many of them are sold out. Darn my Disney shopping luck!

I also look forward to seeing the Halloween DIY video/videos that leighannsays releases on her channel every year. She isn’t a spooky or Halloween themed channel by any means, but her yearly DIY for Halloween is always well done and she makes me feel like I could also do some Halloween DIYing. Beyond that if you are interested in Disney just randomly searching for Disney Halloween videos from over the years can lead to some fun watches. I particularly enjoy the food related videos and seeing what sort of food you can only get at the parks because I think they are always so interesting.


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