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When I first discovered Mandy Rowden’s music, I knew I found something special. Her sound is a cornucopia of folk, rock and country pleasantly blended. The result is an indescribable listening experience. Her previous albums “These Bad Habits” and “100o Miles” contain a treasure of unforgettable tunes. And with the release of her third album “When That Day Comes,” Mandy is giving her fans more of what they’ve come to love when listening to her music. Below she talks about “When That Day Comes.” Read on to find out what she had to say about her latest album.

Congrats on the release of “When That Day Comes.”  How do you feel this album differs from your previous ones?

“Thank you! This is the first album I’ve made with a record label, and the process has been really special and rewarding. Working with the folks at Howlin’ Dog Records has been a great experience. I played more of the instruments on this record than in the past, including piano, organ, violin, viola, and lead guitar; producer Don Richmond played almost all of the others.  It was lots of fun being secluded in the studio in Colorado’s San Luis Valley with a room full of instruments and an obligation to create.”

Were you trying to keep with a specific theme as you were writing the songs for “When That Day Comes”?

“Not on purpose, but I tackled mortality and loss on several songs and took a look at things that are important to me in those terms, which is new for me. I got to say goodbye to some important figures in my world, including Tom Petty and a very special kitty named Lucy.”

I know each track has a special meaning for you.  But is there one song that touched you more than the others? Why?

“I grew up in a fairly secluded and conservative home where I was only exposed to classical and gospel music; secular music was strictly forbidden. We were good kids but one early rebellion was when I was around 13 and my brother brought home Tom Petty’s greatest hits, which was my first open door into rock and roll. I often think that I wouldn’t be doing what I do now if I hadn’t had that world opened up to me at that time. Petty passed away right in the middle of working on this record, and getting to include ‘Angel Dream #2’ on the album was my way of tipping my hat to one of my favorite influences, and thank him for what he left us with. I know I’m blessed to have found what I love at an early age, and as the song says ‘I can only thank God it was not too late’.”

Is there any song you decided to cut from this album? If so, would you include it on a future album?

“We expected to have too much, but ended up using all of it, which was a nice surprise! I’ve already got a good chunk of new original songs on deck for a future album though so I’m excited for that. I’ll be releasing a live album in early 2019 and am considering an album of acoustic covers too, so the wheels are always turning.”

What would you say would be the audience appeal for your music?

“I’ve always hoped and tried to write songs that are real and relatable, so my hope is to reach people who commiserate and enjoy a blend of music and engaging storytelling. I’m also just a big pop fan and keep my melodies and hooks catchy and memorable. It’s my hope that there is a wide appeal for like-minded folks.”

What were some of the challenges you faced as you set about to make this album?

“Well the Howlin’ Dog Records team made it as easy and fun as possible, but any album is a big endeavor and involves a seemingly never-ending to do list so there were definitely moments of feeling like there was no end in sight! The distance to the Colorado studio from my home in Austin was a challenge but also a pleasure…at least once the drive was out of the way.”

Why do you think people should check out “When That Day Comes?”

“I sincerely think it’s a good album that people will enjoy!”

In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to the supporters of your music?

“I’m always so so grateful to people who support songwriters and live music. I often say that we musicians are only half of the equation, and that music is definitely more fun to play for people who want to hear it. Quality audiences are becoming harder and harder to find and more and more fun to play for, so I’m incredibly grateful for true fans of songwriters and our lifestyle. Thank you for buying and listening to my music…my world wouldn’t turn without you folks!”

Photo Courtesy of Mark Maryanovich Photography

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