Tinseltown #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

Abigail Moore wants nothing more than to be a police officer just like her father was, but there are a number of things standing in her way. After a less than happy childhood, Abigail finds herself struggling to find the job she truly wants. One day she sees an ad that might be too good to be true, Utopia Studios is hiring and they just might be her only chance. In the wonderful introduction to the Tinseltown series we get to see just what can happen in the seemingly perfect world of Hollywood through Abigail’s eyes.

This first issue of Tinseltown establishes Abigail’s backstory and what led her to “audition” for the job of a police officer on the Utopia Studios lot. Through her we see the struggle to be taken seriously during both her interview and her first day on the job. While she isn’t entirely thrilled with what she’ll be expected to do on the lot, there is a chance that it could lead to something better. The ending of this issue is a massive cliffhanger so you’ll definitely want to read this once it comes out.

David Lucarelli, the author of Tinseltown, sets up his first issue with an inspiring introduction. We learn that his mother was a police officer in the 1980’s and that her work inspired him to create this character. Lucarelli wants to show that it was never easy to be a female officer and the sort of issues that Abigail is dealing with in Tinseltown were things women would have had to deal with on the force. In the comics there is an additional element of show business making her role less real to her and to those around her, but in the end she’ll need to be prepared for anything. I really enjoyed this first issue and I look forward to reading more. Keep an eye out for Tinseltown at your local store and keep up to date with Alterna Comics for future online sales.

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