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On the CBS’ The Inspectors episode titled “Stop the Presses,” Postal Inspectors Amanda Wainwright (Jessica Lundy) and Eric Lin (Vince Foster) investigated a case involving a ransom letter for a kidnapped newspaper editor. Meanwhile, Veronica (Erica-Marie) fought for the right to report real stories on Jamestown University news instead of gossip.

At The Daily Review, journalist Charlie Rosenthal (Cuyle Carvin) receives a padded envelope. Inside, there’s a smaller envelope written on front ‘Here’s Your Next Big Story. Watch Me.’ Charlie opens the envelope and takes out a flash drive which he pops into his computer. He sees a video of a man holding yesterday edition. “That’s the chief,” Charlie exclaims as he sees the editor of The Daily Review bound and gagged holding a note that says ‘Read the letter for Ransom demands.’

Postal Inspectors Amanda Wainwright and Eric Lin are called in to investigate. Charlie explains about receiving the letter about The Daily Review’s editor being kidnapped. The editor is pretty well known and recently wrote a book, so there could be people wanting to do him harm. Amanda takes the envelope, ransom letter and flash drive into evidence.

At Jamestown University, Veronica is listening to the Jamestown News show runner Josh (Rishnik Patel) talking about a story in which a student lives in the library. He explains that it doesn’t matter whether the story is true or not but only if it interest the reader enough to want to read about it. Afterwards, Veronica speaks with Josh.  He asks her how she likes the new angle the show is taking. Veronica has some concerns. “I know there’s a lot of pressure to get a story. But I don’t think we need to make anything up just to get attention. This is a new show.” Veronica tells Josh. “That’s what news is,” says Josh. “No, that’s gossip. You’d be spreading rumors and lies and they’d be coming out of my mouth,” Veronica says. She tells him about some local stories that are in their own backyard; including a newspaper editor who was kidnapped. Veronica thinks that if they want to report real news, they should go after one of those stories. “You think you can figure out a kidnapping?” Josh asks Veronica. She tells him that she’ll get the story for Jamestown News.

Back at the United States Postal Service crime lab, Dr. Georgia Darby (Charmin Lee) analyzes the evidence. She tells Amanda and Inspector Lin that she was able to lift loads of fingerprints from the envelope as it looks like it was passed around the newsroom like a birthday card. As for the ransom letter itself, Georgia tells Amanda that the handwriting is unique. “Look how the kidnapper capitalizes their Rs and slants their Ts, definitely distinct enough to make a clear comparison when you guys get a suspect,” Georgia explains.

Veronica goes to The Daily Review where she’s approached by Gabby Jones (KJ Smith) who shows her a gossipy news story that is getting a lot of hits online. It seems that Gabby is very interested in writing stories for hits instead of truth; she’s the complete opposite of Veronica. Ms. Ruiz questions Charlie about the editor’s kidnapping and learns that the ransom note was handwritten, not typed. Charlie immediately realizes that Veronica is too young to work for The Daily Review.  She explains that she goes to Jamestown University (which is also Charlie’s alma mater) and is working on a story about the kidnapping. Charlie tells Veronica that sometimes you don’t find the story, the story finds you. He then gives her a notebook in which to record her notes.

Later at the Wainwright house, Veronica tells Noah (Harrison Knight) and Preston (Bret  Green) how she’s not getting anywhere on her story about the editor’s kidnapping. Preston encourages Veronica not to be so down on herself. As she decides that she might as well write her resignation from Jamestown News now, Veronica discovers an imprint behind the torn out page in the notebook that looks as though it has something to do with the kidnapping.

Veronica gives the notebook to Amanda. Georgia is able to lift what was written off the page and the handwriting is a match for the ransom letter. Amanda and Inspector Eric Lin bring Charlie Rosenthal in for questioning. Charlie explains that he didn’t write the letter; the notebook isn’t even his it belongs to the editor’s assistant Gabby Jones. He adds that he uses the word assistant loosely as all Gabby does all day is talk on her cell phone and not for business calls.

At Jamestown University, Veronica’s integrity keeps her from reporting one of Josh’s fake news stories and she resigns. Noah also resigns.

Gabby is at home talking on her cell phone about the big story she is writing. We see on her computer it says that Gabby Jones saves the kidnapped editor. Amanda and Eric Lin arrive. They see Gabby’s tripod camera set up and hear a noise coming from the other room. Gabby is arrested for the editor’s kidnapping and he is returned safely to his family. Amanda thanks Veronica for providing the notebook which was key to cracking the case and gives Ms. Ruiz an exclusive interview about the kidnapping.

The new day at Jamestown University, Josh is surprised to see Veronica back in the anchor’s chair. She tells him that the head of the Jamestown News took her position on real news stories vs. gossip, so she got her job back.  But Josh is fired and the Dean wants to see him as Noah videotaped an earlier conversation between Josh and Veronica in which he admitted his view that made up news a.k.a gossip is better than reporting the truth. Thanks to Veronica, the Jamestown News reports just the facts.

CBS The Inspectors episode “Stop the Presses” encouraged viewers to be proactive when receiving spam emails by reporting them to their internet provider. The show also warned against opening links of unknown origin.

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