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CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Meet Sam” focused on the distribution of counterfeit merchandise.

The episode opens in Bangkok Thailand where workers are making counterfeit bags and ship one to Wanda, the owner of Brag about the Bag.

It’s Georgia’s (Charmin Lee) birthday and she has a party at the Wainwright house. Her birthday present from Mitch (Terry Serpico) is a beautiful designer bag (The same bag that was shipped to Brag about the Bag). But Mitch’s niece Sam, who is staying with him while her mother is overseas, immediately spots it as a fugazi, otherwise known as a fake.

Georgia examines the bag at the forensics lab and tells Amanda (Jessica Lundy) that the bag is indeed counterfeit. Mitch can’t believe it as he says that he deals with a reputable company that was referred to him by a friend (which turns out to be his ex wife). Looking over everything Mitch has purchased, Georgia confirms that all of it is fake. She explains how easy it is to make cheap knockoffs of bags, shoes and jewelry like Amanda’s grandmother’s necklace. Mitch shows Amanda the website where he purchased the bag.

Meanwhile at the University Grind, Preston (Bret Green), Veronica (Erica Sanchez) and Noah (Harrison Knight) see that Sam cut school.  Veronica reminds that they were all fifteen not too long ago. And for Sam, moving to a new place while her mother is overseas has to be an adjustment. Since the only person Sam will have to talk with when she gets home is Mitch; Noah, Preston and Veronica decide to help the teen. They noticed that Sam has a large amount of cash.  Where would a fifteen year old get so much money?

Later, Sam is studying with Preston, Veronica and Noah at the Wainwright house.  Veronica tells Sam that they get together to study and try to make it fun.  But Sam is not seeing the “fun” in the study session.  She leaves the room and ends up in Amanda’s bedroom where she spots Amanda’s grandmother’s necklace.  Admiring the piece, Sam picks it up to look at it. The next morning, Amanda wakes Preston up and asks whether he’s seen her grandmother necklace because it is missing.  Preston wonders whether Sam took it since she was the only other person besides he, Veronica and Noah in the house. Preston shares his suspicions with Noah and Veronica. Sam comes over to study. She leaves the room to use the bathroom, but the camera Noah and Preston set up in Amanda’s bedroom shows Sam taking the missing necklace out of her purse and placing it on the jewelry stand. When Preston, Veronica and Noah confront her, an angry Sam denies that she is a thief and leaves.

Back on the case, Amanda poses as a wealthy woman from Long Island when she goes into Brag about the Bag. She compliments owner Wanda on the clever knockoffs and tells her that she (Amanda) has a contact that would pay a large sum for Wanda’s merchandise.  The fish takes the bait after Amanda shows her the two thousand dollars she (Amanda) can pay up front. Wanda takes Amanda into a back room to show her more items. Later, Amanda returns with Mitch, who she tells Wanda is her (Amanda) husband.  Wanda offers to show Mitch and Amanda some counterfeit jewelry.  “Let’s start with some bracelets” Mitch suggests pulling out a pair of handcuffs.  Wanda is arrested for the distribution of counterfeit products and mail fraud. As she is led out, Wanda angrily says that she should have known with Amanda’s tacky clothes that she was a cop.

Preston, Veronica and Noah feel guilty that they hurt Sam’s feelings by accusing her of stealing Amanda’s necklace.  They call her, but Sam doesn’t return their calls.  Mitch arrives with Sam.  He tells them that he found Sam packing to run away and asked her what happened.  Sam explains that she picked up Amanda’s necklace to take a closer look. But the chain broke.  So, Sam brought it back home to fix since she’s good at repairing jewelry.  In fact, Sam has a keen fashion sense (that’s why she was able to see that Georgia’s bag was a fake).  As for all the money Sam had, she earned through her jewelry repairing business and has been saving to use towards going to fashion school. Now that the issues of mistrust are over, Sam should have an easier time adjusting and getting to know Preston, Veronica and Noah better.

CBS’ The Inspectors episode “Meet Sam” showed the importance of being able to spot counterfeit merchandise and the steps postal inspectors take to crack down on the culprits that distribute these knock off items.

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