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CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Hospital Hack!” focused on the danger of cyber hacking.

The episode opens at Woodley Park Emergency Hospital where admission employee Diane (Alex Lombard) receives a flash drive that she thinks is from IT to help her with the computer issues she’s been having.  But when she pops the drive in, a message immediately appears on the computer screen demanding the hospital pay $100,000.  Woodley Park Emergency Hospital’s computer information is being held for ransom as the hospital’s system has been hacked!

Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) arrive at Woodley Park Emergency Hospital and question Diane about the flash drive she received.  She explains that she thought it was from IT and there was a note inside indicating it was. The postal inspectors take the envelope in which the flash drive was sent as evidence.

Meanwhile at Jamestown University, Veronica (Erica Sanchez) looks very professional in her power suit, while Noah (Harrison Knight) thinks she looks like a realtor and comments that he’d buy a house from her.  Veronica tells Noah and Preston (Bret Green) that she has an audition at WVNB4News for a job as a weather reporter.  When Veronica arrives at the audition, she feels overdressed and out of place; the other girls looks as though it is a modeling audition.

She meets another hopeful Bailey (Kathryn Boyd Brolin), who questions V’s attire.  After the audition, Veronica tells Bailey that she (Veronica) got a callback.  Bailey offers Veronica some advice: She should consider a wardrobe change when Veronica returns for her callback audition.  But that’s not all that Bailey offers.  Reaching into her purse, Bailey pulls out a bottle of weight loss pills.  She tells Veronica that her (Bailey) boyfriend is a fitness instructor and the pills are perfectly safe. Bailey says “You heard that a camera adds ten pounds, what will happen when three are pointed at you?” Torn, Veronica takes the pills.

Amanda tells Mitch that in addition to Georgia’s forensic help with the investigation, the new computer tech Margot (Tyler Rushing) will aid them. Mitch tells Amanda how Margot creeps him out as she seems to appear out of nowhere. No sooner as Mitch finished this sentence, Margot pops up behind the postal inspectors but doesn’t seem to take offense to what Mitch said about her. After Georgia’s analysis of the envelope, Amanda and Mitch have a suspect.  The man, Frank (Adam Meir) is the owner of a taco food truck called Let’s Taco ‘Bout It.

While she and Mitch are staking out Let’s Taco ‘Bout It,  Amanda questions him about his interest in learning Spanish.  Mitch mentions that the new woman he met speaks the language. Amanda orders some tacos to get a feel for their suspect and later, Mitch also orders food and pretends he is planning a Mexican theme office party and may need to place an order for a large amount of food.  He asks Frank for his business card. When Frank says he doesn’t have business cards, Mitch asks him to write down his name and telephone number so they can close the order deal for the party. Frank decides why not, unaware that the postal inspector wanted to have something containing his fingerprint.

Noah and Preston notice that Veronica has been acting strangely ever since her weather audition.  They watch a recording of Veronica practicing in a mirror for her callback.  She is very self conscious about the way she looks.  Angrily, Veronica throws something at the camera for an unplanned fade-out of the footage.  This action concerns Noah and Preston.

Veronica also watches the recording for her callback audition.  Then, she takes one of the pills Bailey gave her.  Later, Veronica admits to Preston how her confidence was shaken when she saw the other girls at the audition.  Veronica shows Preston the pill bottle.  Preston warns her how addictive weight loss pills can be; reminding her that she is beautiful and shouldn’t let anyone make he feel otherwise. But will her concern over her body image cause Veronica to go down a scary road?

The hospital administrator wants to pay the hacker’s ransom for fear of patients’ records and the hospital’s information being compromised.  But Amanda asks that she (the hospital administrator) give them an hour. Fortunately, Frank’s prints are a match with those on the envelope containing the flash drive and he is arrested for the computer hacking.  Amanda is able to turn off the clock with ten seconds to spare; Woodley Park Emergency Hospital’s computer system is safe again.

As the episode closes, Mitch tells Amanda that the woman he met is from Brazil that why he’s learning Spanish.  But Amanda reminds him that they speak Portuguese in Brazil.  So, I guess it’s Adiós Spanish for Mitch!

CBS The Inspectors episode “Hospital Hack” gave viewers the important warning of being cautious when receiving information from sources you don’t know.

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