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On the CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Jamai-Can,” Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) traveled to Jamaica in order to capture Yusuf Shareez, the “Phishing King.” Meanwhile, Jamestown University collected cans for a food drive which brought out Noah (Harrison Knight) and Preston’s (Bret Green) competitive natures.

Warehouse District, Montego Bay Jamaica.  The authorities raid a warehouse of computers and servers. Suddenly, they step on a tripwire and have to make a hasty retreat when a fire starts. From a distance, Yusuf Shareez known as the “Phishing King” watches the scene with binoculars.

United States Postal Inspection Service. Amanda and Mitch are on a call and learn about the explosion at the warehouse on Montego Bay. This is but one warehouse that Yusuf Shareez has destroyed in order to cover his tracks. He copies emails from banks and other financial institutions and the phishing king has made an illegal royal fortune with his crimes. Fortunately no one was hurt in this latest attempt to evade capture. But without evidence, now they are back to square one. There is a watch with Jamaican customs at every port of entry and it looks like Shareez hasn’t left the country. So, national headquarters is sending Amanda and Mitch to Kingston to apprehend Shareez. Although it is a case, Mitch is excited to return to Jamaica. “It’s like a second home to me,”he tells Amanda. “You were there for three weeks,” Amanda reminds. “It was four weeks and I put a lot of living into that month,” Mitch corrects.

Meanwhile, Jamestown University has made it to the football championship against rivals Livingston Tech. There is a Division Can Food Drive and Jamestown is trailing behind Livington Tech.  As the person in charge of the food drive, Veronica is stressed.  She also has a big psych paper coming up. But on the bright side, Veronica managed to win two VIP tickets to the big game, but both Noah and Preston want her to take them. She decides that the best way to choose between the two is to pick the one who raises the most cans for the food drive. However, the guys are unaware that they are test subjects for Veronica’s psych competitive spirit paper.  She wants to see what brings out their competitive natures. As usual, Preston gives a rousing speech in the hope that people will donate cans. “It’s not just about charity and school spirit,” he says, “It’s about charity and spirit for all humanity.” He is feeling good about himself and the affect he has on the crowd; Preston is confident that it will lead to more donations for the can food drive. “Too bad Noah’s not here to take some notes,” Preston tells Veronica.  Just then, lights come on music begins to play.  Enter Noah. He starts busting some cool moves to stir up the crowd to get them to donate. “Who’s ready to bring in some cans?” Noah asks at the end of his dance routine. He is sure that he’ll bring in more cans as who wouldn’t want to see dancing as opposed to whatever Preston is preaching about. Veronica continues to record notes for her paper on her phone; the boys’ competitive spirits are in full swing!

Back on the case, Amanda and their island contact wait for Mitch.  When he arrives, Mitch wears an outfit that he’s sure will help him blend in as a tourist.  The team question a fisherman as they are on search for their man. This fisherman ends up giving them a map.

At Jamestown University, Livingston Tech is still in the lead for collecting the most cans. And as the superstition goes, the school that wins the food drive usually wins the championship. Jamestown refuses to go down without a fight and gets a huge turnout for another event they have to raise more cans. Veronica offers the extra ticket to whoever (Noah or Preston) wins at skee ball. Their competitive spirit gets out of control and Noah ends up knocking down a can display. Later at the Wainwright home, Noah apologizes to Preston and they decide to watch the game together.  Veronica enters. She too apologizes for using their competitiveness for material for her psych paper. Veronica tells Noah and Preston that she couldn’t go to the game knowing that she wasn’t able to bring both of them. So, she sold her tickets and put the money to good use: Purchasing cans for the food drive which helps Jamestown beat Livingston Tech. And if superstition holds out, Jamestown will win the championship.

Amanda and Mitch catch Yusuf Shareez; the fisherman tried to smuggle him out of the country in a large crate, but the postal inspectors arrived just in time (despite the wild goose chance the fisherman gave them with that map). It looks like Jamestown university isn’t the only one to score a touchdown.

CBS The Inspectors episode “Jamai-Can” showed the dangers of Jamaican lottery scams and how criminals use technology to bilk unsuspecting people out of their hard earned cash and what the United States Postal Inspectors do to stop them.

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