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CBS The Inspectors returned for a new season. The Season 3 Premiere episode titled “Welcome Back” focused on the dangers inventors face from patent stealers.

The episode opens with a man explaining to Postal Inspector Mitch (Terry Serpico) how his idea was stolen by Invent Kings CEO Eric King, who patented the invention after taking the man’s money pretending that Invent Kings would be helping him obtain the patent.  Now this man is out of a lot of cash with nothing to show for it; his genius sponge product owned by Invent Kings.

Amanda has returned from a trip attending a wedding with Preston’s (Bret Green) professor Dr. Price. She tells Preston that she’s thinking of breaking up with Dr. Price.  Preston worries how his mother’s change in her relationship with Dr. Price will effect his grade in Price’s class. It seems that Preston has a few changes in his life: He has decided to sport a mustache. He looks dapper with his new mustache, but Veronica (Erica Sanchez) teases “You look like Yosemite Sam’s 12 year old brother.” Meanwhile, Noah (Harrison Knight) enters the Wainwright house announcing that he received a generous inheritance from a relative he hardly knew. The funds will now give him the independence he needs to move out of his parents’ house. Apartment hunting Noah will go!

Mitch and Amanda question Eric King. King insists that Invent Kings is the rightful owner of the patent.  Mitch notices the display of patent notifications on the wall and comments on Invent Kings’ many inventions. Even with King’s explanation regarding his company’s extensive patent searches prior to Invent Kings’ filing for a patent, Mitch and Amanda rule that they have a case and will uncover Eric King and Invent King’s illegally obtained patents.

Preston reminds his friend that Noah can’t sign a leasing agreement in pencil. Although he has money for first and last month’s rents, Noah realizes that getting his first apartment won’t be as easy as he thought. Because he doesn’t have a history as a renter, the apartment he is interested in is skeptical to have him as a tenant without a co-signer on the lease.  Noah goes to Mitch and Amanda to ask that they co-sign.  Amanda thinks that Noah’s parents should be his first (and best) option.  But Noah can’t hope to strike out on his own if he needs the help of his folks. Understanding where Noah is coming from and admiring his desire to do this on his own without his parents’ assistance, Mitch offers to co-sign the lease.

Mitch and Amanda come up with a way to prove Eric King and Invent Kings are guilty of patent fraud:  They will create an invention good enough to pique King’s interest so that Invent Kings will try to steal the patent.  Mitch’s “ideas” don’t exactly scream inventor, but Georgia (Charmin Lee) worked on an invention while she was pursuing her PhD. It was a printer that could create realistic 3D images.  Amanda thinks Georgia’s invention would have Invent Kings taking the bait causing CEO Eric King to bite so they could catch the big fish and sink his company. So, Georgia gets to leave the crime lab and go undercover to help crack the case.  As predicted, Eric King is impressed with Georgia’s revolutionary invention.   It looks like Invent Kings’ patent stealing days are over!

Back at Jamestown University, Dr. Price raves to Preston how well things are going in his relationship with Amanda. He tells his student how forward he’s looking to seeing Preston’s presentation at the end of the week. Returning home, Preston urges his mother to wait until AFTER his presentation before ending things with Dr. Price.  After all, nothing says poor grades like a professor scorned!  But Amanda believes that Dr. Price won’t fail Preston because their (Amanda and Price) romance failed.  Mother does indeed know best. Preston gives his presentation and is praised by Dr. Price even though the professor knows his relationship with Amanda is over.

As the episode ends, Eric King is arrested.  He protests that the postal inspectors are wrong, but Mitch says that he has an “idea” (Great pun by the writers and excellent delivery by Terry Serpico) this arrest will stick. Let’s hope that Eric King won’t steal other prisoners’ ideas to win favor with the warden, the only patent he’d get in prison would be the patented jail violence! And when Mitch sees that the apartment Noah is interested in is in his (Mitch) building, Ohlmeyer refuses to co-sign Waldman’s lease and encourages Noah to keep looking.

The Inspectors showed the importance for inventors to beware as there are crooks out there trying to profit from their ideas.

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Photos Courtesy of CBS’ The Inspectors’ Official Twitter.


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