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On the CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Noah’s Near Miss,” Noah (Harrison Knight) almost became a victim of a fake school scam while Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) pursued the case.

University of Creative Artists, Washington, DC.  The director of the school is giving a tour discussing the program. He explains that a portfolio, interview or audition isn’t a requirement for admission as their idea is that talent is inherited, it is taught. “Anyone with the desired can be trained and it can be learned,” he says. He brings them to a class where actress Brenda Lake is giving a lecture while students are watching a Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall movie.

University Grind.  Noah (Harrison Knight) is showing Preston (Bret Green) a brochure for University of Creative Artists explaining that this is the kind of school he should to attend.  Noah feels that Jamestown doesn’t understand his passion for film making and may not be the place to get the training he needs to have a successful career. Preston thinks that Noah would be making a mistaking by dropping out of Jamestown and transferring to University of Creative Artists. He urges Noah to at least check the school out before making a life changing decision.

Meanwhile, a former student of University of Creative Artists comes to see postal inspectors Mitch and Amanda.  She shows them one of UCA’s brochures and tells them why she feels the school is a fraud. They promise students professors with knowledge and experience in the industry and contacts who would be eager to hire them upon graduation, but most of hers where no older than she was.  Mitch and Amanda ask the girl for a list of names of other University of Creative Artists students who can collaborate her information. Later, Amanda tells Mitch how UCA recruits students with successful stories of former students, who they pay extra to talk with new applicants. She adds that former actress Brenda Lake is now a co-owner and face of University of Creative Artists.

Veronica (Erica Sanchez) can’t believe that Preston is not trying to stop Noah from dropping out of Jamestown. Preston tells her that he suggested Noah check out the school. Noah agrees with his friends and plans to give University of Creative Artists a look, but his mind appears to already be made. He explains that some of the courses he’s currently taking, especially elective geology, is doing nothing to prepare him for his chosen career path in film making. “If it doesn’t teach me how to say ‘Cut and action’ it’s see you later educator,” says Noah. Later, he records a class at UCA where Brenda Lake is discussing her ideals and teaching methods as opposed to Jamestown drama instructor Polly Harwood (Jan Haley). At that moment, Mitch and Amanda are questioning Professor Harwood about Brenda Lake. Polly and Brenda were once friends when they were both young actress just starting out.  But Professor Harwood was more interested in teaching others the acting craft and starting a family, while Brenda Lake wanted fame and attention. And now, being part of University of Creative Artists, Brenda has a captive audience.

At the Wainwright house, Noah is lead blindfolded by Preston into his (Preston) bedroom. Noah is surprised to see it’s only Veronica there as he was expecting more people. Veronica tells him that they’re there because he needs help and someone to talk some sense into him about attending University of Creative Artists. Looks like an intervention to me.

After giving a briefing on how University of Creative Arts is committing fraud by receiving grant money for more students who actual attend, have a hundred percent acceptance rate and other shady practices, Amanda and Mitch take their team to UCA while Noah is waiting to meet with the school administrator to discuss transferring. The administrator and Brenda Lake are arrested for fraud.

CBS’ The Inspectors episode “Noah’s Near Miss” showed the dangers of being taken in by an educational institution that promises a lucrative career upon graduation. It’s always important to do your homework first.

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    1. We haven’t gotten verification of this so right now it’s unconfirmed but it looks like that was Jessica Lundy in the dual role of Amanda and Brenda Lake. Once we know for certain, we’ll update.


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