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On the CBS’ The Inspectors episode titled “Witness Intimidation,” Amanda (Jessica Lundy) worked with FBI Agent Dan Metcalf when witness to a bank robbery Harry Watkins received threatening letters causing him to change his testimony. Meanwhile, Noah (Harrison Knight) competed against Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) on Jamestown University’s college quiz show Buddy vs. Betty to see which of them knew Preston best.

The First Kinkaid Bank is robbed. The culprits are wearing masks resembling a fox and a hound. Police sirens sound off in the distance and the bank robbers realize they have to get out of there. As they are making their escape, the female bank robber’s fox mask falls off revealing her face clearly to Harry Watkins. But later while testifying on the witness stand in court, Harry looks at the defendant and denies recognizing her.

Although Veronica is the one who accidentally broke Noah’s camera, Preston (Bret Green) offers to go in half with her to help pay for a new one. Even though they aren’t a couple anymore, Preston doesn’t see why they can’t do things for each other. Later at The University Grind, Noah asks how being just friends is working out for them. Before Veronica can answer, Karen approaches.  Karen is in Veronica’s marketing class. She is also the campus rep for the college quiz show “Buddy vs. Betty.” And as Preston and Veronica are Jamestown’s ‘It’ couple and Noah is their friend, Karen says they are exactly what she is looking for to be on the show as “Buddy vs. Betty” is a quiz show that has best friends and couples compete to see who knows each other better. And the winner gets $300. Preston and Veronica are reluctant to be on the show, but Noah tells Karen to sign all of them up.

Amanda meets FBI Agent Dan Metcalf who is heading up the bank robbery investigation. The United States Postal Service was called in on the case because Harry Watkins received a threatening letter in the mail. Amanda is told that she and Agent Metcalf will be partnering on the case. The letter is brought to Georgia, who tells Dan and Amanda that she was able to lift a partial palm print off it. And with the new forensics technology, Georgia should be able to make an identification.

Let the competition begin. On “Buddy vs. Betty,” Noah and Veronica are asked the question when Preston and Veronica fell in love. Noah answers freshman year because he remember how Preston made him watch “The Notebook” with him and was really emotional seeing the rain scene. Veronica’s answer is the first grade. Preston confirms that he fell in love with Veronica freshman year which means Noah got the correct answer and wins the round. The next day is the final round and if she gets the correct answer, Veronica will gain a lead as it is worth ten points. The question is: What is the best gift Preston ever gave Veronica? Noah answers that it was box seats to a baseball game, while Veronica answers that it was the locket Preston gave her in the third grade to help her from being nervous about fitting in. Noah’s answer is correct and he wins the $300. It’s obvious from Veronica’s answers that she was giving the ones based on her own feelings which seem to differ from Preston’s. Does this mean that they never were in sync and shouldn’t have been a couple in the first place?

Dan and Amanda go to Harry’s house and question Watkins about the threatening letter he received. They learn that it wasn’t the only one; Harry received several more letters warning that if he testified, his mother would pay the price. Harry explains that he didn’t tell them about the letters because he thought he could handle it because the threats were against him. But when he got one the night before he was scheduled to testify in The Fox and Hound back robberies that threaten his mom, he knew he couldn’t. “Because these letters came through the mail, it falls under our jurisdiction and the FBI’s,” Amanda explains. “You got a lot of fire power looking out for you Harry,” Dan assures. He tells Harry that they want to catch the person sending the letters, but his (Harry) safety is also important to them and they will provide round-the-clock protection for he and his mother. Amanda adds that they won’t let anything happen to Harry.

Later, Georgia gets a match on the partial palm print. It belongs to a man with a record of charges and several known aliases, one of which is The Hound. And the delivery man who came to Harry’s house turns out to be The Hound’s best friend and boyfriend of the female defendant who wore The Fox mask. As the guilty parties are arrested, Harry is free to give honest testimony that will give the state a conviction.

At Jamestown University, Karen thanks Veronica for being on “Buddy vs. Betty;” the producers loved the three (Noah, Preston and Veronica) of them. Karen tells Veronica how hard it was finding the right mix of questions as girlfriends usually know everything about their boyfriends. Veronica laughs it off, saying how much do people really know about the other person. Karen admits that she looked Preston and Veronica up on Buddy Friends and know that they are no longer dating. “You two have been friends forever and that really shines through” Karen says.  But since they aren’t dating, Karen asks Veronica whether it is okay if she (Karen) asks Preston out on a date. Veronica is thrown but says it is fine for Karen to asks Preston out. Later at The University Grind, Veronica sits there awkwardly as Karen tells Preston that her father has box seats to a big baseball game and asks whether he’d like to come. Looking towards Veronica, Preston reluctantly accepts the invitation. Having witnessed the scene through his new video camera, Noah asks whether Veronica is okay after Karen and Preston leave the table.

CBS The Inspectors episode “Witness Intimidation” told viewers about the crime of witness intimidation and how it is illegal to send threatening letters to a witness to get them to recant their testimony.

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