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On the CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Curtain Call,” Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) investigated a case of threatening letters sent to an opera conductor. Meanwhile, Veronica (Erica Sanchez) made a decision about her relationship with Preston (Bret Green).

At Metro Opera House in Washington, DC., the troupe is in rehearsals for “La Traviata” which is opening on Valentine’s Day. Conductor Isabella goes into her dressing room and opens a letter she received. Meanwhile, we see a gloved hand writing a letter in calligraphy then seals it with a kiss. After she finishes reading the letter, Isabella falls to the floor.

She tells postal inspectors Mitch and Amanda about the letter.  Mitch speaks with Isabella in Italian, asking who may have sent the letter. Isabella mention her ex-girlfriend Josie.

Noah (Harrison Knight) and Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) are decorating Jamestown University for Valentine’s Day.  Veronica is distracted because she knows that even though they said no gifts, Preston will get her a great present but she has no idea what to get him. When Noah goes to the Wainwright home, he finds Preston looking dapper in a tuxedo.  Preston tells Noah that he surprised Veronica with tickets to the opera. Knowing the Veronica has been worrying over what to get Preston, Noah wonders how Veronica will feel about the romantic date. Veronica enters.  She’s surprised to see Preston in formal wear.  He tries to cue music to come on, but the remote doesn’t work. Preston tells Veronica about their Valentine’s Day evening at the opera. Veronica panics because she knows she didn’t get Preston anything, but lies that she did and left his present at home. Veronica leaves with the pretense that she is going to get Preston’s Valentine’s Day gift.

The next day, Veronica finds Noah hanging up laundry on the clothesline.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Waldman managed to turn all Noah’s shirts pink.  But at least she made him some lemonade. Veronica tells Noah how she feels about Preston getting opera tickets.  She continues to obsess about getting him a good present and also over their relationship. Veronica says that being with Preston was much easier when they were friends, but now that they are a couple, everything has gotten harder and complicated.

Back on the case, Josie is cleared of sending the letter.  Mitch gives Amanda a book “Opera for the Obtuse” so she can be well versed for when they attend”La Traviata” in order to see if their suspect shows up. In the crime lab, Georgia explains that although they were unsuccessful in lifting a fingerprint off Isabella’s letter, they may be able to get an identification from the lip signature used to “seal it with a kiss.”

At the opera, Mitch and Amanda notice that the lead singer Jeffrey is watching them and acting strangely. Preston admires how beautiful she looks in her red dress, but Veronica doesn’t seem happy.  In fact, she’s not having a good time and the date is awkward.  Later, Veronica asks Preston “Do you love me?” Preston assures that he does. She adds “Then why aren’t we happy? Shouldn’t we know, shouldn’t we both know?” Veronica explains that ever since they became a couple, things have been harder.  They’ve always enjoyed each other’s company but now (at least for her), the ease in being together has changed. Veronica thinks that embarking on a relationship maybe wasn’t such a good idea and they should go back to being friends.

After the opera ends, Amanda comes to Jeffrey’s dressing room.  She praises him for his performance and then tells him that they were able to identify his lip print on the threatening letter to Isabella. Jeffrey explains that his father was a world famous conductor until Isabella forced him into retiring.  Jeffrey insists that he wasn’t going to hurt Isabella, he just wanted to scare her into leaving the show. But as sending threatening letters is a crime, Jeffrey is arrested. Looks like the sad clown is going off to prison!

Later that night, Preston tells his mother that he and Veronica broke up and the reason why.  Amanda assures that if they are meant to be a couple, Preston and Veronica will find the right way to love each other. Preston shares his mother’s words with Veronica. If they aren’t destined for romance, they can remain friends. Veronica agrees.

CBS The Inspectors episode “Curtain Call” showed that if you receive a threatening letter, you should notify the post office. However, threats send through the mail aren’t the only crime, cyber bullying is just as serious and if you are a victim, get help.

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