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CBS The Inspectors episode titled “The Christmas Special” focused on a case where a group of thieves  showed their inner Grinch and Scrooge by stealing Christmas packages off the steps of unsuspecting residents.

7359 Bull Street in Alexandria, VA. We see a postal carrier delivering packages being watched by two men in a truck marked Bob’s Christmas Trees. When the carrier doesn’t get an answer when he knocks on the door of a house, he puts the boxes on an outside table on the porch. Once the postal carrier leaves, one of the men gets out of the truck and walks up to the porch. “Joy to the World, a score has come,” he says as he steals the packages.

At the Wainwright house, Preston (Bret Green) is decorating the family Christmas tree while Veronica (Erica Sanchez) watches. Preston feels nostalgic looking at ornaments from his childhood.  He also finds his grandmother’s book of Wainwright recipes. Noah arrives.  In preparation for his, Preston and Veronica’s participation in Operation Santa, Noah sings Christmas carols in which he has replaced the words with postal related lyrics.

Meanwhile, Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) investigate the robberies, which have spread across the area. These criminals are not only stealing Christmas packages but also infant supplies and medicines, which is deplorable.  In order to catch the thieves, the postal inspectors arrange for a GPS tracker to be put on decoy packages to be placed on the doorsteps in the location where the robberies have taken place. In the holiday spirit, Mitch notices that Amanda hasn’t decorated her office for the holidays and promises to do it for her.

Preston, Veronica and Noah speak to the participants of Operation Santa. As every year hundreds of children write to Santa Claus at The North Pole, they will answer the letters children send as Santa Claus.  Veronica explains that for privacy purposes although the addresses are blacked out, if anyone wants to write to the children or sponsor a family, to let them know.

The gang end up finding a letter from 1962 written by a Charlie Bradford in which the child talks about a divine heavenly cloud. Although fifty years late, Preston, Veronica and Noah decide to answer Charlie’s letter.

Later at the Wainwright house, Noah bakes holiday treats.  He notices in Grandma Wainwright’s book of recipes a pastry that resembles a cloud so the gang will make that for Charlie, the question is how will they find Charlie? Clues from the envelope from Charlie’s letter indicate after the address is Washington 12.  But Preston, Veronica and Noah have no idea what Washington 12 means. When internet research doesn’t give them a clear meaning about Washington 12, other than George Washington coming down with a fatal illness on December 12, Preston calls their expert of postal history: Mitch.

A video chat calls comes in from Preston while Mitch and Amanda are keeping surveillance of Bob’s Christmas Trees, the truck of the postal thieves.  Mitch tells Preston that before D.C. adopted the zip code system, Washington 12 was one of the address locations. More research follows and Veronica is able to uncover the owner of the house. The person’s first name is Charlie but the last name isn’t Bradford.  They realize that Charlie is short for Charlotte, which explains the last name change as the new name could be a married name. This would make little Charlie a girl, not a boy.

Mitch and Amanda follow the Bob’s Christmas Tree truck to a Christmas tree lot. They end up catching their suspect red handed holding one of the marked packages. The postal inspectors arrest he and his partner.  It looks like they’ll be getting coal in their stockings that they will be hanging in prison!

Preston, Veronica and Noah arrive at Charlie’s house.  A woman answers the door and confirms that her maiden name used to be Bradford. She’s surprised when they show her the old 1962 letter and touched when gifted with the heavenly divine Christmas pastry. In the spirit of the season, Preston, Veronica and Noah helped to spread good will.

As the episode closes, Amanda is speechless when she sees her office.  Mitch really went all out in decorating it and her desk at the expense of having the time to do his own. “Merry Christmas boss,” Mitch says as he leaves Amanda’s office.

CBS The Inspectors episode “The Christmas Story” showed that it is important to beware of thieves who threaten to ruin the holidays with the crime of stealing items delivered through the mail. But we can be proactive by making it difficult for them to get away with their crime.  Steps taken involve getting package tracking for your deliveries, being at home to accept the packages or arranging an alternate delivery address such as a place of business.

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