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On CBS’ The Inspectors episode titled “That Moment When,” Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and visiting Inspector Eric Lin (Vince Foster) investigated a case involving a teddy bear containing illegal narcotics inside shipped.

Two men are sewing drugs inside a teddy bear and puts it in a box to ship.

At the United States Postal Service headquarters, Georgia (Charmin Lee) opens the box containing the teddy bear filled with illegal narcotics. Agent Eric Lin says that the teddy bear reminds him of the one he used to have when he was a kid. He named his teddy General McCarper. Preston adds that the woman who the bear was delivered doesn’t fit the profile of a drug dealer. “Our super mom better have some super answers,” Amanda (Jessica Lundy) says trying to make a joke which isn’t fun. The drug filled teddy was mailed to All American Mom Chloe Robinson (Buffy Charlet).  Intern Preston (Bret Green) watches as Agent Lin installs a trip wire in a bear that postal inspectors plan to have delivered to Chloe. Georgia reminds that Preston he should be paying attention because this is important, but Preston’s phone is blowing up with notifications from Noah (Harrison Knight).  Preston explains that he and Noah are participating in a meme contest at Jamestown University where the winning prize is five hundred dollars. Preston tells Georgia about memes, but she doesn’t get it.

At the Wainwright house, Noah and Preston are working on finding the right meme.

Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) walks in.  She has a new haircut and wants Preston to notice. Instead of praising her new hair, Preston takes a photo of Veronica which he uses to make a meme after Noah and Veronica her left. With the photo, Preston includes the caption ‘When your girlfriend is fishing for compliments’ and puts filters of Veronica wearing a Gorton’s fisherman hat and holding a fishing line.  But instead of sending it to Noah, Preston mistakenly submits it to the contest.

Agent Lin pretends to be a postal delivery guy and arrives at Chloe Robinson’s door with the package containing the teddy bear and trip wire.  He returns to the stakeout car where Amanda waits.  When the wire is tripped, Amanda and Agent Lin go to the Robinson house and flash their badges. But instead of Chloe, a little girl opens the door and is holding the teddy bear that was inside the postal inspectors’ box. Chloe appears and reminds her daughter Nugget that she’s suppose to wait and let an adult answer when the door bell rings.

At the United States Postal Inspection headquarters, Chloe is horrified that her daughter opened a package and was holding a teddy bear full of drugs. Amanda and Agent Lin assure that the drugs were removed. Chloe explains that she is a stay at home mom and her second job is accepting deliveries for people who aren’t home to receive them. That why on her social media profile she indicates that she is a middleman.

The postal inspectors decide to use Mrs. Robinson for their sting to catch the drug dealers. Chloe is fitted for a wire and told that once she exchanges the package for cash, Amanda and Agent Lin will move in for the arrest. Chloe appears over exciting about joining in the cops and robbers caper.  But it’s all an act. When she gets inside, Chloe’s demeanor changes.  She takes out her lipstick and writes ‘WIRE’ on a glass to alert the drug dealers. Peter (Michael Maglio) puts the wire by noisy equipment to block out the sound while he and Chloe talk. Chloe demands to be cut in on the action as she’s the one that ended up on the postal inspectors’ radar. But when she gets outside, Chloe double crosses her new partners. She plays a recording for Amanda and Agent Lin of the part when she told the drug dealers to send the package to her and she would deliver the drugs. So, the drug dealers (all but Chloe) are arrested.

Meanwhile at University Grind, Noah enters and asks Preston the question of whether he (Preston) is the dumbest person on the planet.  Noah tells Preston that he sent the meme of Veronica to the contest. Preston wants to delete it before Veronica sees, but Noah reminds that once something is on the internet, it’s out there for everyone to see. Veronica enters.  She tells Preston how hurt she is that he couldn’t be bothered to notice her hair, but could find time to take a photo making fun of her. Later, Preston tells Noah that if he (Preston) and Veronica weren’t dating, she would have laughed at the joke.  Noah’s not so sure.

When Veronica returns to the Wainwright house, Preston apologizes for the meme.  He tells her that sometimes it’s hard to see the line between friend and boyfriend. Veronica reminds that now that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, some things that were okay before, aren’t anymore. She says the meme hurt her and his defense that he meant to send it to Noah so they could laugh at her didn’t make her feel any better. Preston assures that he never wants to make fun of Veronica or hurt her. They are V and Preston and he’s sure they can fix this.

The end episode with Georgia getting memes and sending one to Agent Eric Lin with a photo of a teddy bear and the line ‘General McCarper reporting for duty.’

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