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CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Teacher’s Pet” focused on the receiving deadly and dangerous items through the mail.

The episode opens at the residence of Ms. Olive Nettle.  Ms. Nettle goes to her front door to get her mail.  She sets the package on the desk and proceeds to open the envelopes. Olive walks away and doesn’t notice the box is moving.  When she returns and opens the parcel, Ms. Nettle screams when a snake hisses back at her.  Ms. Nettle is bitten by the snake, but will recover.  Later in the hospital, Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) question her about the incident.  Ms. Nettle explains that as a science teacher, she doesn’t fear snakes. However getting a poisonous snake in the mail is more than a prank, it’s a crime.  And Mitch and Amanda work to uncover the culprit.

At Jamestown University, Preston (Bret Green) and Veronica (Erica Sanchez) are telling Noah (Harrison Knight) that they are going on a date to celebrate the anniversary of when they first met. The trio are approached by Kendall Jones, a new student who is in a wheelchair like Preston.  But the fact that they are wheelchair bound isn’t the only thing Kendall and Preston have in common.  Pretty Kendall also love archery, though she hasn’t had the chance to do it since her accident.  Preston suggests taking Kendall to the archery range sometime.  All Veronica can do is watch the exchange with a look of jealousy.

Later at the crime lab, Preston tells his mom, Mitch and Georgia (Charmin Lee) that the rattler of the snake was removed in order not to alert Ms. Nettle to the reptile’s presence inside the box. And it also seems that the snake handler used gloves to hold it.  So, Mitch and Amanda return to Ms. Nettle’s hospital room and ask her to compose a list of anyone who could hold a resentment against her aka her enemies.  Ms. Nettle asks whether they want the list in alphabetical order.  It looks like the postal inspectors will have several people to investigate! But one name on the list surprises Mitch and Amanda: Noah Waldman.  They tell Noah about the snake incident.  His first response is to laugh that someone finally got to “Full Nettle Jacket” and “Nuclear Nettle.” It’s obvious that she’s not well liked.  Noah’s information lead Mitch and Amanda to Dan, The Reptile Man. Dan is a former student of Ms. Nettle.  He tells the postal inspectors that Ms. Nettle almost ended his career before it got started by shutting his show down.  But Dan isn’t bitter by this and even praises Ms. Nettle for helping him get his start by teaching him everything he knows about snakes. Dan does know someone who may be very angry with Ms. Nettle, and that is Jess Fong.  Ms. Nettle failed Fong in science and he was sent back to Thailand.  Could Jesse Fong be the deadly snake man?

Mitch and Amanda talk with Jesse’s former case worker and learn that he had problems with many of his teachers.  But Ms. Nettle in particular and her failing him in science was the reason he had to return to Thailand where life is difficult.  Sounds like a motive for payback!  The woman has kept in touch with Jesse and gives the postal inspectors a recent letter he sent her. The envelope has a D.C. postmark.  Georgia tells Mitch and Amanda that the handwriting on the letter manages the handwriting on the package sent to Olive Nettle.  Georgia is also able to remove the return address label from the envelope and it reveals that Jesse is staying locally at The Wilkinson Hotel. Mitch and Amanda go to the hotel and find a strange smell in the room.  It is coming from the snakes Jesse has there and Mitch is able to bypass the reptiles to get to Jesse’s address book. You go Ohlmeyer Jones, Indiana has nothing on you! Opening the address book, Mitch sees Olive Nettle’s home address listed. Gotcha Jesse!  Speak of the devil, Jesse enters at that time and is arrested by the postal inspectors. Another case solved.

Meanwhile back at Jamestown University, Veronica asks Noah whether it’s wrong to be jealous of all Preston and Kendall have in common.  It doesn’t help when she sees Preston putting a beautiful bracelet on Kendall’s wrist! Now he’s giving her presents?  Appearances can be deceiving and it’s wrong to jump to conclusions without all the facts as Veronica soon learns that the bracelet is actually a gift for her from Preston to celebrate their anniversary. Preston tells Veronica that Kendall’s sister makes jewelry. Kendall feels badly for asking Preston to try the bracelet on because she ruined the surprise; Preston was planning on giving Veronica the bracelet at dinner. Ashamed that she allowed her jealousy to get to her and learning Kendall his a boyfriend, Veronica invites them (Kendall and her boyfriend) to go out with she and Preston sometime. But Kendall broke up with her boyfriend because he was the jealous type and got angry every time Kendall spoke with her guy friends.

As the episode concludes, Preston tells Veronica she’s the only one he wants to date; she’s someone who know and understands him. “I knew you were special when I met you 12 years ago.”  Aw, Preston and Veronica make great friends and would make an even greater couple.

So remember, if you ever receive a package you think contains something potentially dangerous, contact the sender.  And it you need further assistance, postal inspectors are available to help.

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