#TheInspectors Family Reunion: Part One S3Ep23 via @stacyamiller85 @bretjgreen @ericamsanchez @CBSInspectors @CBSDreamTeam

When a hurricane hits Virginia Beach, Amanda, Preston, Veronica and Noah volunteer at the local shelter. While there, Veronica meets a young girl named Helen Fox.  When Helen goes missing, Preston takes off to find her.

As it is thundering and lightening outside, Preston (Bret Green) has a dream about regaining the use of his legs. The next morning, he finds his mother Amanda (Jessica Lundy) watching the weather watch about a hurricane off the coast of Virginia and how shelters are available for those who couldn’t get out in time. Amanda explains to Preston that the first team of inspectors have already gone out to make sure all the postal employees are accounted, then they’ll go secure the post offices. She tells him that she and Henry were some of the first inspectors to respond to Hurricane Katrina. Amanda asks Preston whether he’s sure he wants to come along with her to help. Preston’s proud of the legacy his parents have as postal inspectors and he wants to help.  But Preston is not the only one, Noah (Harrison Knight) and Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) are joining the volunteers too.

At Jon Russell Community Center in Virginia Beach, Veronica meets a seven year old girl named Helen Fox (Annie Livington), who has an inhaler.  Meanwhile, Mitch and Amanda are at Frederick Douglass Post Office, which has extensive water damage from the hurricane. Mitch finds a box of emergency medical supplies for a Helen Fox. We learn that the little girl Veronica befriended and complimented on her drawing is Helen Fox. Amanda has a good idea to give out change of address cards so displaced families can find each other. Veronica puts her locket around Helen’s neck and tells the little girl that if she gets scared to look at it. Helen later tacks her drawing to the missing persons bulletin board then wanders off. Noah, Preston and Veronica find Helen’s inhaler but no sign of the seven year old. Preston wants to go look for Helen, but Amanda tells Preston that there are some things he can do…unfortunately this isn’t one of them. Preston sees Helen’s drawing of her house at 431 Fairview Dr. and realizes that’s where she went.  Since it’s less than a mile from the shelter, Preston decides to go there.  He finds Helen standing near the storm cellar. A flash of lightening and loud thunder frightens the child and she covers her ears. Preston finds her and when the storms gets more intense, they go inside the cellar to wait it out. Unfortunately, Preston leaves his wheelchair behind.

Meanwhile, Noah and Veronica realize that Preston is also missing and tell Amanda. Will they find Helen and Preston?  To Be Continued.

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