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CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Gramps Gumbo” focused on a case targeting veterans by scamming unsuspecting people out of thousands of dollars for fake funeral plans for those who served.

The episode opens with a woman telling postal inspectors Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) how she was approached by a man at a charity events about purchasing a funeral plan to honor veterans. As the woman’s grandfather was a navy veteran, she spent ten thousand dollars for one of the plans.  But when her grandfather passed and she tried to contact the company to get the benefits in the funeral plan for the arrangements, she couldn’t reach them. Mitch and Amanda are appalled by this scammer conning this woman by targeting this country’s veterans and vowed to bring this criminal to justice.

At the University Grind, Preston (Bret Green) and Veronica (Erica Sanchez) wait for Noah (Harrison Knight).  He arrives with his new girlfriend Fay.  The new couple aren’t shy in displaying their affection for each other, which is common in the early stages of a romance.  Noah is looking forward to entering the Waldman Family gumbo in the annual cook-off.  He tells Preston and Veronica that this will be the first year the family is participating without his grandmother’s involvement since she recently passed.  Another change will be that Noah has decided to have girlfriend and culinary student Fay join Team Waldman, which leaves Preston the old man out.

Mitch and Amanda learn that the company is no longer at the address given on the brochure provided to the woman scammed.  Their suspect is on the move, which will make him hard to catch. Fortunately, Amanda spots something at the bottom of the brochure which helps the postal inspectors obtain an IP address for their suspect.  Their investigation leads them to the discovery that their suspect, Peter Lohman has changed the company’s name to Veterans Burial Support and relocated to Charleston, South Carolina.  But as luck would have it, there is a veterans charity event in Charleston aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown that will give Mitch and Amanda the opportunity to apprehend Lohman as he’s sure to attend in order to continue to perpetrate his scam. It will also give Mitch the chance to play a little golf as Charleston is known to have some of the best golf courses in the country.

Meanwhile, Noah and his Gramps arrive at the Wainwright house with grocery bags of ingredients to make the Waldman famous gumbo for the cook-off. Amanda greets Mr. Waldman with a hug and gives her sympathies on the passing of his wife. She tells him that Noah never has to knock on the Wainwrights’ door prior to entering and neither does he. Their kitchen is his kitchen. Later at the University Grind, Gramps meets Fay and is surprised when Noah tells him that she will be on Team Waldman for the cook-off. Returning back to the Wainwright house to finish the gumbo, Preston (who is now an alternate on Team Waldman) offers his help. But Fay seems to be taking charge. Gramps doesn’t appreciate the Waldman famous gumbo being referred to as soup and he refuses to add anything additional to the recipe. On the day of the cook-off, Noah worries that his Gramps won’t come until Mr. Waldman shows up. When Noah speaks with his grandfather, he thinks that Gramps his a problem with Noah dating someone who is not black.  Mr. Waldman can’t believe his grandson couldn’t even think of such a thing.  Gramps reminds of all his generation did to ensure equality no matter the color of a person’s skin. He tells Noah what has been bothering him. With the passing of Noah’s grandmother, it has been hard for Gramps without the love of his life. He wanted to share the cook-off with Noah as the Waldman gumbo recipe was important to Noah’s grandmother.  Noah apologizes for not seeing why his grandfather was upset.  He asks why Gramps kept the stories of everything he’d gone through due to discrimination.  “You never asked,” is Mr. Waldman’s response. Noah says that he didn’t ask because he thought it would bring up painful memories for his grandfather.

Aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown, Amanda instructs her team to be on the lookout for Lohman as they’ve been provided a picture of the suspect. Additionally, photographs will be taken of the guests as they enter, which the postal inspector team in a surveillance van outside will run through a facial recognition program. A man resembling Lohman arrives at the gala, but he is now sporting a beard. However when Mitch shouts is name, the man takes off running leaving no doubts that he is Lohman. Mitch chases him. Peter Lohman is apprehended by Mitch on the deck of the U.S.S Yorktown.  Mitch angrily tells Lohman that he (Lohman) is off to a federal prison.  As the episode ends, Mitch learns that Amanda was a golf champion in college so challenging her to a game wasn’t his best idea.

CBS The Inspectors episode “Gramps Gumbo” showed how criminals seek out people who want to honor veterans for the dishonorable act of committing fraud by scamming them.

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