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On the CBS’ The Inspectors episode titled “Blast Off,” Kitt Remington known as the “Cookbook Bomber” is released from prison and targets Amanda. Meanwhile, Preston is Chief Justice of the Honor Council at Jamestown University and has to decided whether Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) broke the rules and should be suspended.

Kitt Remington, who was convicted four years ago of sending bombs through the mail disguised as cookbooks and dubbed “Cookbook Bomber” is released from prison. He tells the press that he harbors ill will towards those (including Henry and Amanda) responsible for sending him to prison.

An inspector named Martin Foster from Texas tells Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) tells the postal inspectors that he is taking over the handling of the case when a new cookbook bomb is sent to a post office. When Kitt Remington meets Amanda and learns she is Henry Wainwright’s widow, he makes a veiled threat against her, causing Foster to later offer her security protection to which Amanda refuses. But when Amanda returns home, she finds Kitt Remington in her house.  Amanda knocks Remington over the head with a bottle, proving that she is more than capable of taking care of herself. Mitch and Martin arrive at Amanda’s house.  Mitch says that he brought food for dinner (but secretly he and Martin Foster were checking to see that she was alright). They find Kitt Remington tied to a chair.  Amanda tells Mitch that he can cook all of them dinner.

At Jamestown University, Preston (Bret Green) is the Chief Justice of the Honor Council. His first case involves a student accused of trespassing.  That student is Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez). At the University Grind, Preston tells Noah (Harrison Knight) about the case and how Veronica won’t testify. Noah decides to do some investigating of his own and follows Veronica.  He sees her insisting that someone take her back pack. At the Honor Council hearing, Veronica still refuses to testify. She leaves him no choice, but before Preston is forced to suspend Veronica, a student named Millie stands up to testify.  She explains to the Honor Council that she lost her student housing and is homeless forced to live at various places on campus.  Veronica is her student advisor. Millie had asked Veronica not to say anything but she (Millie) couldn’t risk Veronica getting punished for something that was her fault. Veronica was just bringing her food, so Millie was the trespasser, not Veronica.

Later, Preston tells Amanda that the law isn’t always black and white and upholding it is harder than he thought.

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