The XII #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Alterna Comics returns to the post apocalyptic world of The XII this month with issue 4 of the series. Caleb and his family are still seeking out The Sacred City and the refuge that it will provide them, but their path is being followed the The XII. This dangerous group is close behind and they have to try and avoid their clutches in the penultimate issue.

This issue starts with a flashback focused on Caleb’s future wife revealing to him that she is pregnant and stays within the past for the full story. When this happens we learn that she is actually betrothed or at least in some way fated to marry another man. Caleb believes he can sway him to allow Anna Belle to break her sort of engagement and be with him. The XII #4 also reveals the first arrival of the mysterious and violent gang that haunts the roads. With an attack pending Caleb and Anna Belle must be prepared to make a run from the safety of their current shelter or possibly die along the rest of their community.

Issue 4 of this series acts as a much needed exposition of the past of the world within the plot of The XII. We have previously seen Caleb and his family living in their own sort of small society, but with these additions we learn how they came to be where they are and how they knew about The Sacred City and how to get there. I am very curious to see how this story ends in the next and final issue. You can find The XII #4 on sale wherever Alterna Comics are sold sometime this month.

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