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CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Surveillance 101” focused on a crime involving the attack on a letter carrier.

The episode opens in the area of Washington Heights where we see a letter carrier on his mail route is attacked by a gang wearing masks. Postal inspectors Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) are immediately called to the scene. They begin collecting evidence, which include blood samples and a bandana left behind.

At Jamestown University, student advisor Veronica (Erica Sanchez) is speaking with freshmen in her class University 101: The Art of Punctuality. Since she is a junior and not one of their usual instructors, Veronica tells them not to think of her as a teacher, but as a pal. She also adds about the importance of being on time and how it helps throughout their times as students, in their careers and in their lives. No sooner has she finished her statement, Jimmy (P. Curry) arrives.  Veronica questions him on why he’s late, reminding the class that another important aspect of punctuality is being able to give a reason for tardiness. Jimmy’s “I had something else to do” is obviously not the best reason. His friend Felix (Bruno Rose) enters the classroom and drags Jimmy out. When Veronica asks Jimmy where he’s going, he replies that he has somewhere to be and wants to make sure he’s not late. See, he did learn from her class smiles Jimmy as he exits. Later at University Grind, Veronica talks with Noah (Harrison Knight) and Preston (Bret Green) about the trouble she’s been having with student Jimmy due to his lateness and non-attendance. Noah feels that he would have connected better as a student advisor, but Veronica was chosen. Veronica realizes that if Jimmy continues to not take her class seriously, she’ll have to fail him.

The case involving the attack of the letter carrier gets assistance from Joel, who knew Preston’s (Bret Green) dad and praises how great a postal inspector the elder Wainwright was and how much he enjoyed working with him. Meanwhile At Woodley Emergency Hospital, Mitch and Amanda question the injured letter carrier.  The man tells them that he doesn’t remember much after he was beaten and awoke in the hospital.  But what he does recall is that there was one member of the gang who didn’t seem to want to participate but was being cheered on and encouraged to do so by the others.

Joel and Preston watch surveillance footage of the area around the attack to get an idea on where the attackers originated.  Joel comments how proud Preston’s dad would be to see his son working towards becoming a postal inspector, but Preston tells Joel that his (Preston) dream is to become a prosecutor.

Jimmy again misses Veronica’s class and the presentation she assigned.  Noel arrives with a poster board and a guitar; he’s intention was to give his own presentation to Jimmy about the importance of punctuality. It doesn’t help that Jimmy is not there.  So later after learning where Jimmy lives, Veronica takes Noah and Preston along as she goes to the Green River Apartments in Washington Heights. At that moment, Joel shows Amanda video surveillance footage that identifies the gang who attacked the letter carrier lives at the Green River Apartments.  And who should Amanda spot on camera heading to the apartment building but her son, Noah and Veronica.  Worried for their safety, Amanda immediately tries to call Preston.

At Green River Apartments B7, Felix answers the door and Veronica asks about Jimmy.  She questions him about being the person from her class earlier, but he denies it saying “I just have one of those faces.”  He lets them in and Jimmy arrives shortly thereafter. After Preston notices blood on a pair of shoes as well as a bandana, he realizes these are the gang members who attacked the letter carrier. He asks to use the bathroom when he picks up his phone and sees his mother is calling. Preston answers his cellphone and tells Amanda that he knows who was responsible for the assault on the letter carrier.  Amanda urges her son and his friends to get out of there.  But unfortunately it’s too late, Felix realizes Preston knows and doesn’t let them leave.  Jimmy tries to convince Felix and the gang not to hurt Noah, Preston and Veronica.  We learn that the attack of the letter carrier was supposed to be Jimmy’s initiation into the gang, but Jimmy didn’t want to go through with it. Knowing that his mom and the postal inspectors are on their way, Preston whispers to Noah “Stall him” (Felix) but what Noah hears is “Stalin,” which doesn’t makes much sense. He finally catches on and Noah pulls out his guitar and gives an impassioned speech.  The postal inspectors burst in and arrest the gang, except Jimmy who Preston tells his mother wasn’t involved.  Jimmy promises Veronica that he’ll be on time to her class from now on as he leaves with Amanda to answer some questions.

The episode concludes with Amanda telling her team that with the evidence they’ve collected, the gang will go to prison for a long time. She thanks everyone for their great work and Joel again tells Preston how proud his (Preston) dad would be.

Another important episode of CBS’ The Inspectors showing how hard postal inspectors work to bring the culprit to justice when a letter carrier is assaulted.

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