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On the Season Finale of CBS’ The Inspectors episode titled “Family Reunion: Part Two,” Preston (Bret Green) and seven year old Helen Fox were trapped in a cellar during a storm on the Virginia Beach coast.

At Jon Russell Community Center in Virginia Beach, Noah (Harrison Knight) and Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) ask around the shelter trying to find Preston and little Helen Fox. Noah is worried about Preston; he’s known him since they both were nine years old and whenever there’s thunder and lighting, Preston’s anxiety kicks into high gear.  Noah hopes that his friend is alright.

Meanwhile, Preston tries to calm Helen as the little girl hides in a corner. Like Preston, storms make her anxious which worsens her asthma. We get a flashback that shows when Noah and Preston first met when they were children. Noah’s mother had brought him over when Preston’s parents were going out and Mrs. Waldman was watching the boys. There was a storm, and young Preston hid his head under a blanket. Wanting to help his new friend from being scared, young Noah had taken a flashlight and entertained Preston by making lighted animals on the ceiling. Preston does the same thing and manages to get a smile out of Helen.

Back at Jon Russell Community Center, a woman enters frantically searching for her child. She runs into Amanda (Jessica Lundy). “Helen Fox? Is my daughter here, please tell me that she’s here,” the woman asks Amanda. “Tell me what happened,” Amanda urges. “My neighbor called the hotline for the postal service and saw that her son was here. I need to find my daughter Helen Fox. She’s seven years old, blond hair. She has asthma so she’d have an inhaler with her.  Her asthma is severe and it gets worse when she’s anxious.  We were expecting a rush delivery of her medicine when the storm hit,” Mary Fox (Karah Donovan) explains. Mitch (Terry Serpico) overhears the conversation and intervenes.  He tells Mary that he knows the medicine supply delivery she’s talking about and can bring it to her. “I never forget a package,” Mitch says.

Another flashback shows when Noah and Preston received their acceptance letters to Jamestown University. Noah was happy that “the band” would be staying together. Preston reminded that they had to wait to see what happened with Veronica. When she entered the Wainwright home, Veronica didn’t have a happy look on her face, which made Preston think she hadn’t gotten accepted to Jamestown. But he was wrong. Veronica was admitted to Jamestown University but also to her other top college in Italy.  Now, she had the decision to make on which college to attend.  Preston encouraged Veronica to follow her heart; showing her a photo of them together by a lighthouse and telling her that where ever she goes, he’ll always be her lighthouse. In the present, Preston remembers this and it gives him an idea on how to alert people where they (he and Helen) are so they can be rescued.  Preston takes a stick, the flashlight and masking tape and makes their own lighthouse.

Noah and Veronica wonder where Helen and Preston could have gone. Veronica notices the drawing posted on the bulletin board that Helen drew right before she disappeared. Noah thinks the little girl is a good artist as she even captured the detail of her cat’s whiskers. Veronica asks Mary Fox whether Helen could have gone back for her cat.  Mary tells Veronica that they do not have a cat, but says how Helen spent a lot of time playing with their neighbor’s cat.  This gives the group an idea where Helen and Preston could be.

In the final flashback of the episode, we see Preston in the hospital following his accident and how Amanda told him he had to be brave.

Mary ,Noah, Mitch, Amanda and Veronica go in search of Helen and Preston. They arrive at the Fox’s neighbor’s house and find the makeshift light. Preston tells them that the steps caved in and they have to get Helen out.  He reaches Helen to them.  Then, Preston pushes himself out of his wheelchair. Veronica and the group are surprised to see Preston standing!

Special thanks to the cast, crew and writers of CBS’ The Inspectors for giving us a great Season. This is Stacy Miller, please join me next season as I recap the entertaining and informative Season 4 episodes.

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