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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

The Season Premiere episode titled “Ren Is Back” featured the return of Cynthia Ren (Kaitlyn Benson). And Preston (Bret Green) faced his feelings over the release of Sally Cade, the young woman responsible for the car accident that left him paralyzed and killed his father Henry.

Preston visits Sally Cade in state prison and tells her that she can say she’s sorry all she likes but he’ll never forget her for taking away his mother’s best friend and his father. Then, Preston wakes up. It was a dream.

In the Wainwright living room, the television is on and a news report announces Sally Cade’s release from prison. The news report goes on to explain that Cade served five years for the texting and driving car accident that caused the death of Postal Inspector Henry Wainwright and left Wainwright’s sixteen year old son Preston paralyzed from the waist down.

Amanda and Preston are on an appointment with Preston’s doctor. The doctor tells them that Preston was able to stand because his neuro fibers woke up after five years and if he stays focused he can teach himself to walk. After they leave the doctor’s office, Amanda encourages her son to take his doctor’s medical advice and don’t let Sally’s release from prison distract him from focusing on his recovery. Preston can’t get Sally off his mind and tells Amanda he knows Sally was a teenager at the time of the accident and did something terrible that happens all the time, but he can’t forgive her for all she took from them.

At Smithfield Women’s Correctional Facility in Alexandria, VA, a drone delivers a package for inmate Cynthia Ren. Later, Bartholomew Jenkins (Barry Ratcliffe) tells Postal Inspectors Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) that felon Cynthia Ren is back in business because he received an email from Ren with a link to her new website for Deja Vu Antiquities.

Noah wants to make up for the past mistake of having a bad college ID photo by taking a great one for his senior year. But unfortunately, he turns his head as picture is snapped. Preston sees Sally Cade at Jamestown. At University Grind, he tells Noah (Harrison Knight) and Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) he may have to transfer because he doesn’t know how he can face Sally Cade being at Jamestown. But Veronica tells him he can’t throw away all he’s accomplished there.

Mitch and Amanda check out the Deja Vu Antiquities website. Then, they visit Cynthia Ren in prison and she insisted she was hacked because there’s no way she can run a business from behind bars. Later, US Postal Inspections computer excerpt Margot (Tyner Rushing) finds a bank account for Deja Vu Antiquities and gets the offshore account frozen so any activity can be traced back to the IP address of the computer used.

Jamestown offers a photo taken do over. Dean Evan Foley (Gilbert Glenn Brown) gives Preston the letter Sally Cade submitted with her application to Jamestown. Preston reads Sally letter at University Grind.

When Cynthia Ren uses her smart watch, Margot traces the transaction to inside Smithfield Correctional. Mitch and Amanda search her cell but turn up empty. They reason she must have what she used to make the transaction on her. They talk with Cynthia again but this time asks the officer to remove the handcuff on the wrist wearing the concealed smart watch. Cynthia attempts to smash the watch but Amanda refuses to let her destroy evidence that will ensure her being locked up for additional years on her sentence. Preston visits his father’s grave in reads Sally’s letter to him. In the letter, Sally admits to her tragic mistake and writes she can’t make up to the people she’s hurt but wants to pursue a career in medicine working towards advancements for spinal cord injuries. At Jamestown, Noah turns around just as his senior ID photo is snapped.

Pleased to see CBS’ The Inspectors back for another season. This is a quality show with emotion and important messages to deliver to the viewer.

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