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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

A post office is being robbed. One of the robbers reminds the people in the post office that they don’t need any heroes. A male and female (Michele Nichols) police officers quietly enter in an attempt to apprehend the suspects.  But when he orders one of the robberies to drop his weapon and get down on the floor, the police officer is tackled to the floor himself. The robber removes her mask. It is Amanda (Jessica Lundy). “Simulation failed. Let’s try it again,” she says.  However, she and Mitch (Terry Serpico) get a call about a real post office robbery in Bethesda, MD. The postal inspectors go to the crime scene and view the security footage and see a postal carrier being assaulted by a robber.

When she returns home, Amanda finds Preston (Bret J. Green) guarding a door. Her son explains that Noah (Harrison Knight) is behind it with a few of his friends and didn’t want her to see them taking part in his new hobby. Amanda leaves the room, and Noah and the others come out. They are wearing cosplay costumes as they are participants in the role playing game Shields and Potions. Noah tells Preston not to knock something he doesn’t understand and suggests he (Preston) and the arriving Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) join the game in order to understand the appeal. He takes Preston and Veronica to meet the Wizard Maximus, who’s real name is Carl. Wizard Maximus is in search of his spell book which has been stolen.
At the Unites States Postal Inspection Service, Amanda enters the crime lab and tells Mitch and Georgia (Charmin Lee) that she just talked to the hospital and was told the injured postal carrier Andy is still unconscious, but he’s stable. Amanda asks Georgia whether what she (Amanda) sees is all the evidence they have. Georgia answers it is everything that was brought over from the crime scene. “Okay, let’s run through this,” Amanda says reacting out the events of the robbery with Mitch. “Andy saw and opportunity to subdue the prep. And then he slammed his wrist to the counter,” Amanda says. “And then an eyewitness heard the crunch, the breaking glass,” Mitch adds. “And the prep gets angry and pushes Andy to the ground,” Amanda finishes. “Hang on a second. I’ve got something that might help,” Georgia says showing Mitch and Amanda an evidence bag containing the broken shards of glass. Now the postal inspectors need to figure out what these broken glass pieces are in order to lead them to a suspect.
At University Grind with Noah and Veronica, Preston question The Bard (Caleb Emery) about Wizard Maximus’ stolen spell book.
Georgia reveals the glass that was crunched when Andy slammed the robber’s wrist to the counter during the robbery came from a stone in a bracelet the prep wore.
Noah returns Carl’s spell book. Preston and Veronica enter.  Preston tells Carl they talked with The Bard and he said he didn’t steal Carl’s spell book; Carl loaned it to him. Carl tells Noah, Preston and Veronica he likes a waitress who works at The University Grind named Becky (Kim Bass) that he has a big crush on. “I don’t want her to know I play Shields and Potions because I don’t wants her to think I’m not cool. I never wear my garb in there and I didn’t want her to see me pick up my book from The Bard,” Carl explains saying he cares what Becky thinks because he wants her to like him. Preston encourages Carl to be confident in who he is with Veronica adding that girls love confidence. When Amanda enters, she notices that Carl is wearing a necklace similar to the bracelet worn by the prep during the robbery. Alan shows her his necklace and explains you get it when you reach Level 15. Amanda takes a photo of the jewelry.
Later at the crime lab, Georgia is able to get a fingerprint off the broken glass and when the fingerprint is run through the system, it identifies a man who has a record for other robberies. Georgia tells Amanda she too plays Shields and Potions and shows her a picture from her cellphone with her wearing the garb.
Alan learns Becky plays Shields and Potions too and enjoys her to join their team. At University Grind, Noah and Veronica arrive wearing costumes. Amanda is there too dressed in a costume and is able to take down the robbery. But Preston missed seeing his mother in action.
By being himself and sharing his enjoyment of Shields and Potions, the game brought Carl and Becky together.

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