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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

Doris Cabb Middle School, Washington D.C.  A student named Audrey Patty is working on her essay assignment. She tries to come up with a title for her paper. Audrey doesn’t think ‘Whale’s Tale’ works and decides on ‘All’s Whale that Ends Whale.’ She’s pleased with her selection. Suddenly, messages reading You’re a loser. No one likes you and you have no friends! AUDREY PATTY IS FATTY, HEY AUDREY, YOU ARE THE WORST. NO ONE LIKES YOU. YOU SHOULD DISAPPEAR cover her computer screen.  Noticing how upset Audrey becomes, her teacher walks over and sees the bullying messages. Later, Audrey’s mother shows the teacher more than a dozen flyers her daughter received in the mail that read Your Turn to Burn. “Who in the world would do that to a young girl?” Audrey’s mother asks. “Or anyone,” replies the teacher. Audrey’s teacher assures they’ll get help. She goes to see Amanda with the magazine’s. Amanda tells her that whoever is subscription to the magazines in Audrey’s name to bully her is committing mail fraud. Amanda thanks the teacher for looking out for Audrey by coming in.
At University Grind. Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) brings her boyfriend Jack a latte. Jack jealously commented how the barista Steve was more interested in talking with Veronica then making the brew. Jack asks whether Veronica knew what today was. Veronica said it’s their five week anniversary, but Jack corrected that it’s actually their six week anniversary. And he got her a gift: a new smartphone. Jack explained that it didn’t cost him that much more to add her to his plan. The model was a really good one that takes great pictures and can even record news stories.  Jack said that now Veronica can replace her cracked phone with the new one. Veronica thanked Jack and told him she loved the gift.
United States Postal Service. Audrey and her mother met with Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda. Amanda asks the girl about her classmates. Audrey’s mother has her daughter leave the room then gives the postal inspectors some handwritten notes she found in their mailbox. The notes are even more threatening. Amanda says the notes may lead them to whomever is sending the threats.
Jamestown University. Veronica shows Noah (Harrison Knight) and Preston (Bret Green) her cellphone. Preston thinks the gift is a little aggressive for a six week anniversary. Jack appears and drags Veronica away from her friends. Both Noah and Preston comment on Jack’s possessiveness after Jack and Veronica leave.
In the crime lab, Georgia (Charmin Lee) analyzes the writing on the notes and handwritten subscription card.
University Grind. Veronica tells Preston how Jack got angry with her talking with the barista again. He also suggested she change her major and is causing her to question things she enjoy. She adds that Jack wouldn’t want her hanging out with her ex and tells Preston how much she misses spending time with him. Later at the Wainwright house, Preston tells his mother about Jack’s possessive behavior towards Veronica. Amanda tells Preston that in a healthy relationship one person doesn’t try to change the other.
Mitch give a presentation at Doris Cabb Middle School. Audrey’s teacher tells them the notes were sent by a parent.
Georgia connects the notes to Harriet Morgan, the mother of a student who came in second to Audrey in a spelling bee.
When Jack again gets jealous of Veronica again talking with barista Steve, she tells him she’s not going to let him choose her friends. Veronica gives him back the cellphone and tells Jack she needs to take a break from him.
At the home of Harriet Morgan, the postal inspectors confront her about the notes. Harriet tells them how winning the spelling bee was important to her daughter and adds that she didn’t mean anything by sending the notes. Mr. Morgan’s face drops when Mitch and Amanda tell her she committed a serious crime.
Audrey and her mother thank Mitch and Amanda for getting to the bottom of the situation with the bullying notes and magazine subscriptions. The postal inspectors tell them that the D.A. will be pursuing a criminal case against Harriet Morgan.
CBS’ The Inspectors episode “Hurtful Words” focused on bullying and illegally ordering magazine subscriptions under someone else’s name.
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