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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

The manager of Stay in Your Own Lane Bowling Alley is taking out the trash out back when his glasses fall into the trash can. At The Grocery Crate in Washington DC, another man wearing a tiger head mask robs the store demanding the cashier open the register and drop all the money into his bag. Then, he runs out of the store. While attempting to drive away from the scene of his crime, the robber backs into a pole damaging the back of the getaway vehicle. He takes off the mask, and The Stay in Your Own Lane Bowling Alley manager witnesses the scene but as he doesn’t have his glasses, he can’t see clearly from the distance. By the time the bowling alley owner retrieves his spectacles, the store robber is gone. But he leaves the mask behind on the ground.

Postal Inspectors Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) arrive at the scene. With his eyes closed, Mitch attempts to use a visualization technique he learned during a recent training seminar. He explains that one of their witnesses, the owner of The Stay in Your Own Bowling Alley is near sighted and couldn’t give an accurate description of the suspect because he wasn’t wearing his glasses at the time. Mitch wants to get a feel for the crime in his mind. But Amanda thinks Georgia (Charmin Lee) will be able to give them a more accurate picture after they bring the evidence back to her .

At University Grind later that day, Amanda, Preston (Bret Green) and Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) attend the first rehearsal for Noah’s (Harrison Knight) school play “Monsters of the Sahara.” Waldman explains that the play is for his writing class and worth 50% of his grade so he’d appreciate their honest critique. Unfortunately, Preston fell asleep!  Worried because he’s unable to give Noah is opinion, Preston seeks his mother’s help. Besides for Noah’s play, the last play Amanda attended was “Johnny Appleseed” when Preston was in the third grade. But she does tell her son that she felt the actors could have spoken louder and there could have been better lighting.

Back at the crime lab, Georgia tells Amanda that she wasn’t able to lift a clear print only a series of smudges off the mask left at the scene. And Preston is able to make a determination of the hair color of the suspect from a strand lifted from the mask. Mitch enters and tells Amanda that he received a text that someone just tried to cash one of the stolen money orders downstairs in the United States Postal Service building. He and Amanda question the woman Courtney Brooks (Ashley Dulaney) who explains she was approached by a man from Stay in Your Own Lane Bowling Alley and offered a cut for cashing the money order. The postal inspectors show her a photo of the suspect. But because he is wearing the tiger head mask, Courtney can’t identify him or say whether his body type and build fit the description of the man who asked her to cash the money order. Amanda comments how it’s odd that Ms. Brooks wouldn’t find it suspicious being approached by a stranger and asked to cash a money order. Courtney says she didn’t question it because she has four expensive show dogs to feed and care for. Amanda tells Courtney she’ll need to call the hotel in which she is staying to request a late checkout because she’s under arrest for being in possession of stolen property.

At University Grind, Preston meets with Noah. Noah comments how he hasn’t gotten the chance to touch base with Preston to hear his critique of the play. Preston tells Noah that he made some good choices in the play but as he hasn’t had a lot of time to think about it, he wanted to marinate on it like you would a fine steak before providing his insight.

Mitch thinks Amanda should be open to the “mind’s eye” theory, but Amanda prefers to trust things she can see with her real eyes. He tells her how he went to Stay in Your Own Lane Bowling Alley to ask around about Courtney Brooks’ mystery man and was able to bowl a seven ten split for the first time in his life because he visualized it. And on the case, he tells Amanda that although the manager of the Stay in Your Own Lane Bowling Alley is legally blind he was able to use his mind’s eye to provide information about the robbery.

Evidence leads Mitch and Amanda to a suspect Robert Foreman whose sister is looking for him and out for blood because he took her car and hasn’t returned it.

At Jamestown, Preston questions Veronica and asks whether she has any notes to give on Noah’s play. She says she thought the monsters could have been scarier. At the second dress rehearsal, Amanda, Preston and Veronica all admit to not seeing the first dress rehearsal. Preston fell asleep and Amanda was busy answering work emails. Noah confesses he knew their critiques weren’t honest as “Monsters of the Sahara” was a metaphor and Veronica told him to make the monsters scarier.

As red dog hair was found in the stolen car, Mitch and Amanda go to Courtney Brooks house in Bethesda, MD. While Mitch is questioning Courtney, Amanda sees a money order sticking out from the closet door and finds Robert Foreman hiding inside. But Mitch is still convinced visualization through mind’s eye  does work.

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