Bad at Adulting, Good at Feminism Book Review from @kleffnotes

Bad at Adulting, Good at Feminism is a delightful blending of life tips and discussions of being an adult woman who isn’t exactly sure how to be a functioning adult by Prudence Geerts. The book is divided into different topics and throughout Prudence presents a fictionalized version of herself in connection to things going on in her life. Her art is so much fun and the single page comics discuss so much.

Prudence has been running her own art page known as Planet Prudence and this book is collection of comics that relate back to that page. What is so wonderful is that Prudence has a very strong self confidence that she has grown over time. While she examines negative self talk and the struggles of having a chronic illness she also shows how you can be comfortable in yourself. She draws herself enjoying food and wine and reveling in how she looks no matter what she is wearing. I loved the positive tone that spread throughout the book. Even when she compares herself to the stereotypes many women deal with she shows that you can love yourself no matter what.

The art is so fun and bright, with such cute details. I love the section devoted to her cats where she has her character just spending time with little furry friends. She also has a fun Little Mermaid inspired piece that shows her as an epic mermaid. I had such a fun time reading through this book and it is something I think you could come back to if you are looking for a pick me up on a particularly rough day. I also think the art would be perfect for home decor. You can find Bad at Adulting, Good at Feminism on sale now.

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