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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

Cibo Bruciato, Washington DC. The owner owes money on his rent but is unable to pay. He assures his landlord that business will pick up soon at his restaurant. But customers come in but leave without staying to eat. But as the restaurant owner checks his email, he sees he got one notifying him that he won an award for America Eats Best. But needs to pay a registration fee of $1,500.00. The restaurant owner calls his landlord back saying “You can charge me interest on that back rent. I told you business was going to pick up soon.”
United States Postal Service. Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) talk with Mr. Chan, the owner of a Chinese restaurant who fell for the same America Eats Best award scam as the Italian restaurant owner. He paid the $1,500.00 registration fee thinking the award would be good for business but never heard back after he sent in the money despite contacting them. Mitch says how small business owners are often the targets of such scams. “Fifteen hundred dollars…it’s my marketing budget for the whole year,” Mr. Chan says. Amanda assures they’ll do anything they can to catch the criminal, adding the the P.O. Box information will help. She thanks Mr. Chan for coming in. After Mr. Chan leaves, Mitch receives a text from his cousin Richie. He tells Amanda that Ritchie only calls when he wants to brag about how successful he is or needs to borrow money.
University Grind. Preston (Bret Green) was one of nine people nominated for Buddy Friends Most Inspirational College Edition. Noah (Harrison Knight) offers to be his campaign manager. Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) reminds you don’t campaign to be most inspirational, you just are.
Mitch tells Amanda that his cousin Richie wants him to come to his new restaurant. Mitch is less than excited knowing the Richie will probably want him to order the most expensive thing off the menu like the veal. “What are you doing for lunch?” Mitch asks Amanda.  They go to Cibo Bruciato. Richie is working on his dough tossing technique commenting the the dough keeps getting lost in the ceiling fan. That’s okay because he’s expecting a wave of customers soon due to winning America Eats Best award. “I didn’t even know I was nominated,” Richie says. When Mitch tells him it’s a scam, Richie says he won’t be disrespected in his place of business by his cousin the mail cop and asks them both to leave.
Veronica tells Noah that Preston seemed underwhelmed by his nomination. They decide to write a piece on him in the Jamestown News. But Preston appears and shows them photos of past winners, who are all in wheelchairs. He tells them that his going to withdraw as he doesn’t want to be inspirational only because he’s in a wheelchair.
Amanda reminds Mitch that Richie is the type of guy scams like this target and convinces him to go back to his cousin to see if he heed their warning.  Mitch returns to Cibo Bruciato where he and Richie laugh at a memory. Richie tells Mitch he’s $1,500.00 behind in his rent and asks for a loan. Mitch writes him a check but tells him he has a month to turn things around.
Preston tells Noah about awful it was when everyone started applauding him at Jamestown. Preston hates to be applauded for sitting in a wheelchair.
Mitch and Amanda pick up the owner of the P.O. Box for America’s Best but learn the man was just hired to pick up the registration checks and forward them to a P.O. Box in Juno Alaska. In a postal inspector meeting, the Postal Inspector from Juno informs the D.C. team that the Juno P.O. was opened by a man named Donnie Harrington, who has a list of priors. They’ve arranged for all the registration checks to be marked “returned to sender” and sent back with a note to cease desist sending checks to America’s Eats Best. Amanda gives Mitch an envelope sent to America Eats Best from Richie. Mitch returns to Cibo Bruciato and tells Richie that the scam was real. However, Richie’s homemade gnocchi proves to be a hit.
Noah and Veronica make a video where Veronica interviews students who tell in their own words why Preston is so inspirational. The bottom line is they feel that Preston never gives up and has a way of making those around him feel as though they can do anything.
Two weeks later, Donnie Harrington has been arrested and business has picked up for Richie. But Preston didn’t win the award. The student considered most inspirational rescues birds in need.
CBS The Inspectors episode “And The Winner Is…” warned against falling for fake award scams unless you’ve verified the source.
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