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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

The first new episode of 2019 focused on the postal inspectors working to capture a mailbox bomber suspect; Noah (Harrison Knight) began experiencing panic attacks.
New Hampshire Ave, Seven Corners Virginia.  A man puts an explosive device inside a mailbox. Later as a letter carrier is retrieving the mail, she notices the device.
Noah’s father was transferred by his job and he is staying with The Wainwrights. Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Preston (Bret Green) get a text about a mailbox bomb that injured a postal employee. When two other explosions occur, Amanda realizes it’s a pattern. Georgia’s analysis of the explosives reveals they both had the same triggering device.
At The Wainwright house, Noah is working on a project on what matters most to him for his speech patterning class.
Two more explosions take place. Witnesses remember a gray SUV at the scene. Amanda (Jessica Lundy) discusses the case with her team. Mitch (Terry Serpico) tells them about a construction firm in Baltimore that’s missing a full case of dynamite and an employee, Anthony Brendwin who hasn’t been there for a week. Twenty-two year old Anthony is a graduate engineering student with a vehicle registered in the state of Maryland. And it is a gray SUV like what they’re looking for.
While practicing his speech for his speech patterning class project, Noah suddenly has trouble breathing and experiences heart palpitations. Noah tells Preston how he felt like he couldn’t breathe. Preston explains that Noah had a panic attack and how the same thing happened to him after his accident; you get the chills and can’t breathe. Noah comments how Preston never said anything to him about it. Preston says he was embarrassed but got help when he went to see a therapist. Noah’s glad a therapist was able to help his friend but again tells Preston that’s not what happened to him. He hasn’t been sleeping well and was probably just dehydrated. Noah assures his okay before going to get some water.
At Jamestown University, Preston tells Veronica what happened with Noah. Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) says Preston will need to convince Noah he needs help.
Amanda gives a press conference and tells reporters the explosions are targeted in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. A colleague whispers in her ear. There’s been a seventh mailbox explosion. Amanda tells the perpetrator if he’s watching they will get him. Georgia tells Amanda the explosives where made with a certain type of dynamite.
Veronica tries using psychology on Noah talking about all the recent changes in his life. Noah storms out of the room when he learns Preston told Veronica about Noah’s panic attack. Noah’s professor tells the class the speech will count for fifty percent of their grade. Noah walks out of the room. He later tells Preston he needs help and agrees to talk with a therapist.
The postal inspectors investigation leads to a suspect Andrew Brendwin and a pattern where next attack is taking place. Amanda and Mitch stake out Brendwin’s home and arrest him in the act of planting another bomb.
Noah returns to The Wainwright house after his first therapy session. He tells Preston and Veronica how much he enjoyed the session and being able to talk out his feelings.
The next day he gives his speech talking about how even those as college students they are adults it never hurts to reach out for help when you need it.  No one has to go through difficulty alone.
CBS’ The Inspectors continued its tradition of delivering educational and informative television with an episode not only showing how postal inspectors work on apprehending those tampering with mailbox but also the importance of reaching out for help with suffering from anxiety.
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