#TheInspectors Diner Dash S4Ep14 directed by @terryserpico via @stacyamiller85 @CBSInspectors @CBSDreamTeam #JessicaLundy

As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

CBS The Inspectors episode “Diner Dash” was co-written by Jessica Lundy (Amanda) and directed by Terry Serpico (Mitch)

Warehouse District, Washington DC. Vlad Kutzetsov inspects the stolen diamonds he received.
Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) await the arrival of Special Agent Dan Metcalf (Bryan Murphy), who’s late. Amanda comments how Agent Metcalf is always late. Dan Metcalf arrives and gives Mitch and Amanda intel as the New York Division of the FBI now has a suspect in the diamond heist case. The perpetrator is the Russian mob Kutzetsov family that meet at a local diner in Queens. Agent Metcalf tells the postal inspectors that the FBI informative and van getaway driver Titus Brady has been in protective custody but they’ll escort him to the diner once the Kutzetsovs make contact.
Wainwright Home, Arlington Virginia. Noah (Harrison Knight) tells Preston (Bret Green) he invited Veronica over to discuss a new project he (Noah) is working on.  Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) enters.  She’s exhausted as her pooch Marge has been keeping her up. As seniors, she, Noah and Preston have a lot of things to do before graduation including attending a mandatory graduation meeting. Noah tells his friends that his project is one of those escape room places.
Special Agent Dan Metcalf tells Mitch and Amanda that he’ll be in the surveillance van outside the diner while she and Mitch pose as waitress and fry cook. Unfortunately this will be a twelve hour shift.
Van Schadenfreude’s Chamber of Captivity. Noah, Preston and Veronica arrive at the escape room where Waldman takes away their cellphones.  He promises his friends that he’ll babysit Marge and do all Preston’s chores if they participate in the escape game. Once they agree, Noah handcuffs them all together.
Village Star Diner, Queens New York. Amanda is Rosie and Mitch is Stu. Vlad enters and “Rosie” immediately turns on the charm. She gets Vlad to tell her that he is in the diamond business.
Van Schadenfreude’s Chamber of Captivity. Preston and Veronica are tired and ready to quit the game.  Unfortunately, Noah put the handcuff keys in the fish bowl along with their cellphones. And neither of them can reach the fishbowl. So, the three friends have to complete the escape room game if they want to get out of the room.
Special Agent Dan Metcalf enters the diner later that day.  He tells them that Vlad’s meeting with Titus Brady is scheduled for that night. He’ll need Amanda to get Vlad to show her a certification number of one of the diamonds to see if it match the stolen registry list.
Van Schadenfreude’s Chamber of Captivity. Noah, Preston and Veronica try to figure a way out of the escape room.
Titus Brady meets with Vlad as Amanda watches. “Rosie” gets Vlad to show her one of the diamonds. She uses an eye piece to read the certification number off one of the numbers. Special Agent Dan Metcalf confirms that the certification number matches. He enters the diner and arrests Vlad.
A clue tells Noah, Preston and Amanda to put their hands together. Their name badges fit as a puzzle and they are able to escape the escape room. Putting their heads together and working as friends was the real key.
Later, Noah has done the laundry. Marge had taken to chewing up one of Preston’s shirts.  Noah thanks Preston and Veronica for helping him with the escape room. Because Noah is good with dogs, he wonders whether he should consider opening a doggie day care. Regardless of what he does, Noah knows his friends Preston and Veronica will always be there for him.
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