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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

Turtles are being smuggled in SC. We see a man put a turtle in a package too be shipped.

Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) introduces Noah (Harrison Knight) and Preston (Bret Green) to her new boyfriend Jack and then suggests they join she and Jack in Folly Beach, SC where Jack ‘s friend has a rental.
Amanda (Jessica Lundy) briefs her team about the stolen turtle case. But she wants Preston to enjoy himself while he is on his vacation with Noah and Veronica and not help with the case.
Folly Beach, SC. Jack, Noah, Veronica and Preston arrive at the beach house. But heavy rains prevent them from spending the day on the beach. Preston is impressed by the decor, commenting how all the place needs is a tiki bed. Preston then spots the tiki bed. They find a guest book going back to the sixties where an entry is written about the excitement of attending a beach lau out and then hitting the grooving waves. But unfortunately, the sixties trip and lau out got rained out. Preston reminds that there’s clear skies ahead for them as it starts to rain.
United States Postal Inspection Service in Charleston, SC. Mitch and Amanda meet a postal inspector Leah. “We’re just putting the finishing touches on our controlled delivery. Quinn is setting the trip wires now,” she explains. Mitch comments on their equipment. Leah tells him it’s from her personal collection and helps to give the boxes some weight in addition to the live specimen they place inside. She assures Mitch that they are taking care of the turtles being put inside the decoy boxes. Amanda asks whether there’s a connection between the houses where the smuggled turtles are being delivered. “Yes, they are both rental beach houses owned by a company called Palmetto Ocean Properties. Now the company is owned by a Larry Longfellow.” “So either Longfellow is unaware that someone is using his properties to receive local contraband,” Amanda says. “Or he’s running the show,” Mitch finishes.
 213 Washout Lane, Folly Beach, SC. Mitch and Leah are staking out beach houses. They watch a postman deliver a package and Jack open the door to accept. Jack and Noah want to play chinese checkers to which Preston replies “They call them board games for a reason because they’re boring.” Since they are officially rained out, Preston gets an idea to throw a party after reading a guest book entry written by a man named Manny.
The postal inspectors watch outside when a man takes the box to Palmetto Ocean Properties. When the box is opened and trip wire activated, they storm inside, search the premises and arrest Larry Longfellow. Preston meets Manny at the “Lu-Wow” and learns of the man’s romantic history. Postal inspectors arrive at the beach house and Jack cooperates with the authorities by answering their questions. Later, Preston adds his own entry in the guestbook.
CBS The Inspectors episode focused on illegal turtle smuggling and the steps postal inspectors take to stop the perpetrators and protect these creatures.
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